Sessler Says: Quit Yer Bitchin'

You probably remember Steve’s post where he talked about the L4D2 ‘boycott.’ Now everyone’s favorite irate TV host, Adam Sessler, is weighing in on the controversy.

I haven’t really weighed in on this one yet, but it’s about time.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Quite simply, you’re nothing more than a bunch of over-entitled babies.

You know, I could almost understand it, if you’d bought L4D as a single-player game only. After all, as a single-player experience, L4D was sort of lacking. Unfortunately for you, you’ve got a Steam group, and most, if not all of you are playing L4D online regularly. So that argument (the only one available) is moot.

Wait, who’s that waving their hand at me? Ah, that’s one of the whiners, trying to convince me that Valve hates gamers now. SHUT. UP. Valve has always supported gamers, and given excellent support to their products. I’m perfectly willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, especially since they’ve already said that they have more content slated to release for L4D (four player matchmaking, for example).

Additionally, since I’m not a self-entitled idiot, I can understand the business situation as well, something gamers never seem to understand. With the sweeping changes Valve is making to Left 4 Dead 2, it would be nearly impossible to update the console version of the original game to accommodate them. So, either these people think Valve should forgo profits simply to make them happy, or that Valve should forgo a console release of this content. How moronic.

Thankfully, Valve isn’t listening to them, and we’re all going to be better off for it.

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10 Comments on Sessler Says: Quit Yer Bitchin'

Buck Cake

On June 18, 2009 at 1:37 pm

Wow, it’s so great to see the mentally handicapped using the internet…. You are such an inspiration for the low functioning everywhere! Keep it up little buddy!


On June 19, 2009 at 11:58 am

I’m no boycotter, but I understand why people are upset.
I’m a modder. I bought L4D mostly for the sdk (though i do love the game)
On valves steam page it says “SDK included”. this was when i preordered it.

Steam page still says the same thing and yet there is still no SDK except
what we have of a beta that was introduced to us 7 months after launch.

The lack of content in L4D has always been an issue. One that every review on
posted on metacritic ackknowledges including G4TV.

So yeah. I suppose that I am upset a little that I never got what I paid for and was told I would have. And now I fear that the sdk will be dumbed down so people won’t be able to just recreate l4d2 on their own. And if you think melee weapons and new zombies are too hard for modders in the community than you’re mistaken.


On June 20, 2009 at 10:35 pm

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU Sessler ? Quite simply, you’re nothing more than a corrupted whining baby.

You know, I could almost understand it, as you’re paid by games company to give good review. After all, as a reviewer, L4D 10 millions advertisement budget was sort of a good news. Unfortunately for you, you didn’t even read the Steam group description and manifesto, and the best is, you didn’t even asked one single member of the group about his/her opinion. So that argument “my opinion is more important than you ’cause I’m a professional” (the only one available) is *moot*.

Wait, who’s that waving their hand at me? Ah, that’s one of the anti-boycott whiners, trying to convince me that Valve will always love gamers. BE. QUIET. please.

Valve has always supported gamers… until they start making money on Steam.
And given excellent support to their products… until their Source games (see CS:S, DoD:S).

I’m perfectly willing to NOT give them the benefit of the doubt, especially since :
1) They raised prices for european from 40% up to 80% (the EA agreement) ( + shipping is now way cheaper than Steam digit’) and start making region-specific offer AND later admitted (in an official email) they will adjust Steam digital prices to local retail prices, especially for Europe.

2) And because they’re saying that they have more content slated to release for L4D (four player matchmaking, for example) since initial release, and all we got was 1 mini-map (Lighthouse) and a chronometer (Survival), worth 1 month of work.

3) And stated that, as Xbox 360 players don’t all have HDD, new content is impossible, so no more L4D1 content is expected for xbox360 and PC, only bug fixes, to avoid console player feeling like “abandoned”. So they’re using the “xbox360 hdd” as an excuse to not releasing new content, to turn it into a console/pc war.

4) Ben Kuchera (from ARS Technica) reported that Chet Faliszek said during the ARS interview that “the team brought their concepts and ideas to create a sequel to Gabe Newell, and even he was skeptical about the idea. According to Faliszek, he expressed his doubts, and claimed this move was against the character of the company.”

=> You know who is Gabe Newell ?
Of course, he’s the co-founder and managing director of Valve, he worked on HL1, HL2, Orange Box and Steam. He’s one of the few people who truly believe in the “entertainment as a service” business model (in videogame) ( He expressed his doubts and claimed L4D2 was AGAINST THE CHARACTER OF VALVE COMPANY.

You may wonder why GabeN finally accepted ? GabeN respect devs freedom more than Valve (and I agree with him on this point), so he let Chet do what he wanted to do.

Additionally, since I’m not an economist and don’t have a lot of data on Valve/Steam and I’m honest and polite, I can’t fully understand the business situation and do not insinuate gamers/anti-boycotter are stupid.

With the minor changes Valve is making to Left 4 Dead 2 (re-skinning, same gameplay mechanics, only few new melee weapon model+skin based on gas/fuel can melee function, 1 “new” infected took from the forum topics and other SI slightly modified, minor engine update), it would be nearly impossible to update the console version of the original game due to Microsoft update policy, BUT PC players shouldn’t suffer from console platform flaws.

So, I respect other people and don’t decide what their opinions and thought are, and better read and listen to what they’re saying and writing first, then I could make respectful hypothesis.

Thankfully, Valve is listening to them : they’re making several interview on various news website to get fanbase’s trust back (that’s how I heard about it and wrote my piece of e-paper) and answering emails carefully, and we’re all going to be better off for it.

– — – — – –

Some people don’t understand WHY there is a boycott group mostly because they didn’t read each news and press announcement about L4D BEFORE and AFTER its release, so they didn’t heard about promised updates, new content (movies, characters, weapons, monster), bug fixes and SDK.

They think the game is pretty good compared to average EA games. It’s true.

They say Madden games (EA Sport) are released every year and millions of people are buying them. It’s true.

The few bug fixes and the Survival game mode are enough, as many games are not even updated at all. It’s true.

This is the main problem : We’re not talking about an EA game at all, we’re talking about a Valve game.

Most boycotter pre-ordered (like me) or bought L4D1 because we thought the game would be supported like HL² and TF2 : a good SDK and custom map support, new content “few weeks after launch” (quoting Doug Lombardi, Gamespot interview). First they delayed bug fixes update, the 2 Versus campaign, then the SDK… and now they’re saying “we work too much, there is too much content, we MUST charge you 50 bucks for that”.

They can still split it between “free content L4D1″ and “L4D2 content” and wait 6 months to add more content in L4D2, or sell it as cheap DLC “L4D1 : New Infection”, but it seems they’re blindly trying to sell it 50 bucks, 1 year after L4D1.

This is why we are trying to tell Valve this is a very bad decision and there is much better alternatives : L4D1 owner getting discount, lower price DLC, splitting new content between L4D1/L4D2.

We, fan of Valve and L4D1, spread the news of upcoming L4D before its release, pre-ordered it, played it a lot, told our friends to buy it, reported bugs, posted suggestions and ideas including the Charger, were patient and still waiting for a complete SDK and new content.

So, we believe releasing L4D2 the November 17, 2009 will be an error, a very bad one. Valve will lost gamer’s trust, damage its reputation, the fanbase will change dramatically, the L4D1 community will fade out and we do not want that, we believe Valve’s philosophy and values are not an impossible dream.

If you do not agree with the boycott group, please stay calm and simply wait for L4D2 :)


On June 22, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Hey RON. I’m boycotter and firts of ALL

SHUT UP YOU MAN. U don’t have any respect for us. Are you calling 40.000 steam members over-entitled babyes? Are you stupid?




On June 23, 2009 at 1:50 pm

Hi Adam,

from what I gather, you seem to be rather clueless as to what time that really goes into developing a game, much less ever developed one yourself. Because anyone who has developed a game would know, that it takes far more than a year to develop a AAA title. Heck, it sometimes even takes a year just to get the funding. Let alone design, develop, bugtest, and playtest.

What’s even more sad, is that you are acting all tough calling young customers with legit complaints “whiners”. Which makes me wonder: “Have you even read a single thread on what you are commenting about?” Because anyone who read the “sane” posts, would realize there is actually quite a few valid claim in there. Albeit, not always so elequently written, but what do you expect from 11 year old kids who might not even have english as their naitive language?

You see, much like in the real world, it’s about what is promised and what is delivered. Just as simple as that… If someone didn’t get their fries when ordering at Mc Donalds, you would pretty much expect them to come and ask for their fries, right? So, why anyone would think it’s ok to redicule a valid complaint just because it is a kid who makes them is beyond me.

How about you take a bold step and defend the customer-rights when it comes to gaming instead of slamming little kids? But then again, I havent really followed your show… Perhaps slamming young kids is your “forté”.


On June 23, 2009 at 1:53 pm

Hear Hear…

Too bad that Adam is not interested in facts.
Too bad there is no real “rights” for gamers.
Too bad publishers can promise anything they like,
and deliver whatever they like…
Anyone raising their voice will be labeled a “whiner”,
by heroes like Adam.


On June 23, 2009 at 7:15 pm

I’m glad to see we can all be mature and on-topic regarding the boycott. It’s a poor credit to your cause when you sarcastically lambaste others without real cause beyond “Durr hurr ah disugree wit joo”.


On September 10, 2009 at 8:26 am
how come you have not seen this video and do you really have so much money that you can throw it around on every update promised to games?

grow up sessler, they’ve paid you to whine at boycotters!


On September 13, 2009 at 6:14 pm

I hate the liar game media and the uninformed gamers. And the L4D2 Boycott process showed how badly this situation can be.

Game media:
They get money and special bonuses from game companies while reviewing the games.
They get the games way earlier than normal gamers.
Also, game companies postpone their publish dates to give time for hired media. You wait for nothing to read the “full detail” game reviews before even seeing the game in your stores.

One example, Oblivion. Ok I love Elder Scrolls series, I can even say Fallout 3 is not bad as NMA web site continously told. But Oblivion was a very bad game.
There were lots of trouble especially for old Elder Scrolls gamers.
First, it was using level-scaling crap to soften the game for console gamers. But this was very bad system for people who played TES series before.
Second, the graphic optimization was bad. Outdoor area fps were %20 of the indoor fps. I played many games and I didn’t see such a thing. Even Morrowind were using big maps but hadn’t such a huge change between zones.
Third, the AI was a lie. They showed us a great AI video before the game. Ok this video was believable, cause you can do such a thing if you work hard. It was not impossible in that era. Unfortunately, they produced an AI that makes very laughable and sadly repetitive things.
Fourth, the graphics were very bad. They decreased the graphics quality before publishing the game. Also Range Of Sight quality was bad too. You need to improve the range of sight and terrain quality.
Fifth, the story was awkward and insufficient compared to Morrowind and Daggerfall.

But, most of the gaming media gave this game 10 over 10.
10 over 10 or 100 over 100 means a perfect game. It should be timeless, bugless, glitchless, lagless, magnifienct story, smooth gameplay, innovative story. Even the great games like Quake II, Starcraft, Sanitarium, Monkey Island or Diablo can not get 100 over 100 because they have a few problems over or there, and get 99,98,97 or a similar point.

But game media lies. They just pretend that reviewing the game, instead they tell what game companies wants.
Sadly, my most trusted place, gamespot, had shown many mistakes.

If a game has big budget and called to be “AAA game”, game media give that game a 95+ point.
But if the game has very small budget and don’t called to be “AAA game”, game media give that game a 70- point.

They also love to tell gamers lies.

For example in this L4D2 Boycott process.
They told to general public, that some jerk gamers boycotted L4D2 because they think L4D2 will be a bad game.

I am remembering even before the L4D2 Boycott group formed, we protested Valve because they deserted L4D game by starting L4D2 game process. L4D game was a good game and could be improved more, also there were many problems in the L4D game.
Also, buy starting L4D2 game, they seemed mock with L4D game players that play an “unfinished” game.

In this process, Game Media translated those gamers wrong and showed us just a bunch of kids who “don’t think L4D2 will be good”.

Ok, first of all, no one were telling “L4D2 won’t be good”, they were telling “L4D is banished”. And we, gamers, protested the Valve to banish L4D gamers buy starting L4D2 and not completing the L4D.

I am sure no one would think L4D2 could be a good game. Because the second game was being developed by the team of first. So, at the worst scenario, It would have the average quality of first one.
But, the game media choosed to show the events as they like, not the real events.

Even the Boycott group cited some sentences in their pages, the game media didn’t care them.

They’ve chosen to give wrong informations to gamers and blamed gamers who want good games.

What? Wanting good games is a crime? WTF. This was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.
There is also a Gamer’s Bill of Rights that leaded by Stardock and Gas Powered Games.
Still, they choosed to pretend that events were different.

At the end, there become lots of uninformed gamers who choosed to believe this kind of lies and started to blame us.
They blamed us because we didn’t want good games.
They blamed us because we didn’t want L4D2.
They blamed us because we thought L4D2 would be a bad game.
They blamed us because we stopped the developing L4D2.

So the uninformed gamers started to target us and attack us.

As a gamer who protested L4D2 even before the Boycott group formed, these things worried me.
Worried me, because It had showned like defending your gamer rights a disgraceful thing and a crime.

I remember the days a company had a motto “From Gamers To Gamers”.
I want the new game companies also follow that motto.
Do I want a very big thing?
For the game media, yes. I am a criminal.

Even some uninformed gamers told “to stop publishing L4D2 is a stupid thing and L4D2 boycotters are stupid”.

Ok, I (or we) am not against developing new games.
But everything should be in order.
Interestingly, the people who strongly defended L4D2 and attacked boycotters, were usually Xbox gamers.
They may be used to buy new games instead of patches, expansion packs and similer improvements.
But PC gamers are people who constantly get new improvements.
We frequently get new sequels or expansion pack to buy.
But some people showed us like a freeloader who don’t want to buy a new game.
We are not wanting to not buy a new game, but we want good and quality games.
I (or we) am not against new games. But you need to improve a game up to a degree before starting a new game.
For example Quake 1, Quake 2, Quake 3, Half-Life 1, Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Warcraft 1, Warcraft 2, Warcraft 3, Starcraft 1, Dungeon Keeper… They are all examples for games that been finalized and completed before going to the second game.

Defending the other thing is just like a -if the phrase is right- bringing new wine in old bottles.

Let’s leave the L4D2 to a side.
This L4D2 Boycott process get me fear and doubt for the future.
When the game media insulted L4D gamers and defended the L4D2 decision, they showed a condition that they will agree every thing game companies do.

Does the everything the game companies do is a right thing?
Do the gamers are a bunch of stupids?
Is the real target game media, but not the gamers?

What will be the news, I wonder?
Defending that SOE did the right thing in SWG and NGE criticizers are a bunch of over-entitled babies?
Explaining Doom 3 was a better game than Half-Life 2, provided a better success at the end, and when people tell other will Sessler say Quit Yer in?
Telling Planescape Torment was a very bad game with the worst story in the entire gaming history, and thankfully, game companies isn’t listening to Planescape fans, and we’re all going to be better off for it?
Quoting that still playing Starcraft after 10 years makes a person self-entitled idiot?

I am bored of recent events in the gaming world.
And sometimes I become worry in this conflict.


On October 5, 2009 at 11:29 pm

even if i agreed with this guy, whoever he is, i wouldn’t agree with the way he presented his argument… talk with your mouth, not your hands… stutter less… don’t reword yourself… stick to facts and evidence? this is as acceptable as fanatic right-wing radio personalities, jesus save us if this tar-tar actually has more than one video