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Shacknews Gets Raged


A week ago I mentioned Shacknews had scored an interview with id software’s Tim Willits and Todd Hollenstead regarding Rage. Seems they have finally shared that interview with the community. It is quite an informative interview, practically devoid of any tech talk (I guess they’ll leave that for “The Carmack” interview). The primary focus is on Rage and how they came up with the idea for the game. Tim Willits pretty much confirmed id’s departure from the dark corridor shooter genre of its past. Rage evidently will be a Death Race meets Mad Max type game with racing elements being an integral part of the experience (Willits mentioned Motorstorm being a big influence). The shooter element will still be there; however, id’s focus seems to be on making Rage a collection of many types of game genres (shooter, racing, adventure, RPG). Willits toys with the idea of RPG elements such as an inventory system where you can packrat around “phat loot” much like Oblivion or more recently, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

…which brings me to the crux of the matter. It seems like id is toying with a lot of ideas here. The vibe I got from the interview is one of an experimental nature. It doesn’t seem like id has any sense of direction with Rage right now. The story they are shopping is something straight out of a Mad Max movie:

“The story is that a comet has hit the earth and wiped out civilization, and civilization is rebuilding. There is a foundation of what was left of the government that is this evil regime. Even though in the future, the lines between good and evil have been blurred, you are the hero. You’re not the anti-hero. You’re sort of trying to help these guys, the remnants of civilization banding together to fight back against the regime. There’s also an anarchistic element as you may have derived from the ‘A’ in the logo, in terms of people who are both outside of those settlements and outside of the regime. You’re not a member of any of these factions, you’re coming in as an outsider.”

Outlander! Totally original idea there, guys. This next part from Hollenstead gets rather goofy:

“Your car is an important part of the game. You’ll be able to make modifications and upgrades, soup up your car. Part of the name is the last four letters of ‘garage’ are ‘RAGE.’ There’s that element, and the “rage against the machine” element, then the vehicular combat part–the ‘road rage’ part.”

Rage Against the Machine? So we’re going to be sticking it to “the man”? Spreading our left-wing political tirade? Hilarious reference there on Todd’s part. This game sounds more and more like Grand Theft Thunderdome. Two Men Enter! One Man Leave!

Hollenstead and Willits go on to talk about racing sponsors, side-missions, and non-linearity in general. Multiplayer was pretty much shot down. Multiplayer Co-op, however, is definitely a possibility. Tim even takes a shot at John Romero. That one definitely put a smile on my face.

Rage certainly seems ambitious, if not a wee bit crazy. It will be interesting to see if id, the tiny company it is, can pull it off. Even if it sounds like a mess, I have to commend them for striving for something different. Not everyone out there is anxiously wanting a Doom 4 or Quake 5. Let someone else make those.

The whole interview is worth reading. Definitely check it out if not for entertainment value.

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