Shadow of the Colossus HD Trophies

When playing Shadow of the Colossus, you might notice the many fruit and shining lizards scattered around the environment. For you fanatics, there is now a purpose to discovering these rare collectables — trophies! Shadow of the Colossus HD brings newly revamped graphics with a slew of trophies, letting new and old players alike fall in love with this timeless classic. Below you’ll find a full list of trophies.

If you need help, check out our walkthrough, or look deeper into the Forbidden Valley with our cheats.

Regular Trophies

Wander and the Colossus (Platinum):
Acquired all Trophies.

Valley Wanderer (Bronze):
Defeat 1st Colossus.

The Sloth (Bronze):
Defeat 2nd Colossus.

Disturbed Sleep (Bronze):
Defeat 3rd Colossus.

Path of Gravestones (Bronze):
Defeat 4th Colossus.

Aerial Dance (Bronze):
Defeat 5th Colossus.

Entombed Giant (Bronze):
Defeat 6th Colossus.

Waves of Thunder (Bronze):
Defeat 7th Colossus.

Wall Scaler (Bronze):
Defeat 8th Colossus.

Slumbering Caveman (Bronze):
Defeat 9th Colossus.

Unknown Tracks (Bronze):
Defeat 10th Colossus.

Guardian Unleashed (Bronze):
Defeat 11th Colossus.

Silent Thunder (Bronze):
Defeat 12th Colossus.

Signs in the Sky (Bronze):
Defeat 13th Colossus.

Shielded Colossus (Bronze):
Defeat 14th Colossus.

Valley of the Fallen (Bronze):
Defeat 15th Colossus.

Final Colossus (Bronze):
Defeat 16th Colossus.

The Forbidden (Silver):
Clear the game in normal difficulty.

Wander and the Forbidden (Silver):
Clear the game in hard difficulty.

Climber (Gold):
Reached the top of the shrine.

Hang Glider (Bronze):
Hang onto the hawk for more than 30 seconds.

Resistance (Silver):
Endure being sucked into the light for over 1 minute in the ending.

Collector (Silver):
Acquire all items available in normal time attack.

Meticulous Collector (Gold):
Acquire all items available in hard time attack.

Slippery Ride (Bronze):
Hang onto the fish for over 30 seconds.

Agro Circus (Silver):
Perform all stunt riding using Agro.

Cornucopia (Gold):
Acquired all fruits in the world.

Tower of Prayer (Silver):
Save at all save points.

Endangered Lizards (Gold):
Killed all shining lizards.

Stalwart Wander (Gold):
Max out HP bar.

Mighty Wander (Gold):
Max out stamina bar.

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