Shadow of the Colossus HD Walkthrough

The classic from the PS2 returns in HD to wow us a second time. Explore a mysterious, majestic land and conquer sixteen deadly colossi to save your girlfriend. The forbidden valley may appear a lonely place as Wander and his horse explore its vast landscape, it won’t be long until you discover the truly massive guardians laying dormant. The mountainous goliaths must be climbing to be defeated, and nothing comes easily under the Shadow of the Colossus.

Look below for our video walkthrough, or if you’re so inclined, look at Game Front’s enormous trophies and cheats.

Table of Contents

Colossus #1

  1. Finding the colossus: From the temple, head straight down the steps and walk into the sunlight.
  2. Hold your sword up and focus the beam. It leads directly south. Hop on your horse and ride to the cliffs.
  3. Climbing the cliffs serves as a short tutorial. Use this section to learn the game’s controls while you climb and jump your way to the top.
  4. Battling the colossus: At first, the colossus doesn’t notice you. Run up behind him , jump, and grab onto the fur on his left calve.
  5. Climb up a bit and stab the symbol just below his knee. Repeat and the colossus will fall to the ground.
  6. Use this opportunity to climb up the ledges placed around his upper leg. Head to the platform sticking out of his back.
  7. Kneel on the platform if you need to recover strength, then climb still higher, working your way to the back of his head.
  8. The second weak point is on the top of the colossus’s skull. Stab it several times and he will be defeated. If you run out of strength, climb down to the small platforms below to rest.

Colossus #2

  1. Finding the colossus: Climb on Agro and head down the steps from the temple. Hold up your sword and face north, on the other side of the temple, to focus it.
  2. Ride around the left side of the temple and you’ll find a small footpath leading across the chasm.
  3. On the other side, follow the trail that winds down into the gulley.
  4. At the bottom, ride to the dark wall to find the second colossus.
  5. Battling the colossus: Dismount the horse and equip the bow. Head directly beneath the turtle-like colossus and stand near its rear.
  6. Aim your bow at the greenish pads under the colossus’s feet. Strike one, then switch to the sword.
  7. The beast will take a knee for a few moments. Use this opportunity to climb up the fur on its downed leg.
  8. Climb up the fur to the top of the creature’s back. Work your way towards its rump, pausing to regain strength if necessary.
  9. The first weak point is by the creature’s tail. A few good stabs will seal it shut.
  10. Climb along the spine to the colossus’s head. You can usually just run without grasping the fur.
  11. The second weak spot is on top of the creature’s skull. Four good stabs should send it packing.

Colossus #3

  1. Finding the colossus: Ride out of the temple and head back to the rock path as before.
  2. Follow the sword’s light to the wall, then turn east. You’ll find a small path leading north. Take it.
  3. Soon, you’ll end up in a small clearing with a lake and some rock structures in the center. Leave Agro here and wade through the water.
  4. Climb up and around the rock path until you reach the end. At the top, you’ll need to jump diagonally to reach the pillar. It’s a tough leap.
  5. Once on the pillar, move around to the opposite side and leap from it to the structure in the center.
  6. Run around the path and climb to the plateau to find the third colossus.
  7. Battling the colossus: Draw the colossus to the center of the platform and stand on the stone circle there. Wait for it to start swinging its sword, then roll out of the way.
  8. If you time it right, the sword should crash into the ground, shattering the bracelet blocking the colossus’s arm.
  9. Trick the colossus into attacking again, then leap onto the sword and run up its arm.
  10. Climb up and around the beast to reach the first weak spot on top of its head.
  11. Stab the area a few times and when it seals, drop down its back. The second weak spot is on the creature’s stomach, so climb around and start stabbing.

Colossus #4

  1. Finding the colossus: Outside of the temple, hold your sword up and follow the light to the southeast.
  2. Go until you hit the cliff, then follow the rocks until you reach a small opening that leads further southeast.
  3. Continue following the path down to the bottom, then turn and go east where you’ll find the colossus laying in wait.
  4. Battling the colossus: There’s no way to climb on this colossus, but the first weak point is up high, so you’ve got to find another way.
  5. Head to the doors you passed earlier and jump down through one of them. Follow the stairs down and the hall will lead you back around where you entered. Stand at the stairs and wait for the colossus.
  6. Soon, the beast’s head will appear as he looks around for you. When it does, go to the opposite side and leap onto its tail.
  7. As soon as you grab hold, the colossus starts to shake. Hang on and slowly make your way up the back and to its neck.
  8. Stab this spot a few good times and the colossus will drop its head. Climb to its cranium and stab the weak spot there to deal real damage.

Colossus #5

  1. Finding the colossus: Outside of the temple, hold your sword up and go east. You’ll make your way to a canyon. Turn right and follow the light path.
  2. Eventually, you’ll come to as pot where Agro can’t walk. Dismount and wade through the water.
  3. Swim to the big wall and dive under to squeeze through the opening.
  4. On the other side of the rocks, climb up the ledges to the small bridge. You’ll find the colossus there.
  5. Battling the colossus: You’ll have to use the bow to get this guy’s attention. Head towards the cracked stones near where you entered the area, then swim to the southeast. There are a few platforms there you can climb on top of.
  6. Aim at the boss and fire with the bow. He’ll wake up and start flying around.
  7. This colossus’s main attack is to dive towards you, swooping low to knock you off of your perch. Keep firing arrows to make sure he knows you’re there, and when he swoops, get ready to jump on a wing.
  8. Grab the fur just where the wing meets the body and hold on tight.
  9. Now you’re on the back of a giant flying rock colossus. Wonderful! The wind is blowing fast, so you pretty much have to hold on the entire time you’re riding. If you fall off, simply repeat the above pattern to catch another ride.
  10. Hold on to the fur of one wing and wait for the beast’s flight path to stabilize a bit. When it does, run to the wing’s tip and grab on before it starts to flap.
  11. Fully-charged sword attacks are the way to go, so get a good wind-up and plunge your dagger into the beast’s weak spot. When one wing is damaged, head to the other one.
  12. Once both wings have been dealt with, the final weak spot appears on the tail. Reach it the same way you reached the spots on the wing tips. A few stabs later, the beast will fall from the sky.

Colossus #6

  1. Finding the colossus: Head down from the temple center and go southwest. Follow where your sword light points directly towards the mountain.
  2. Eventually you’ll hit a wall. Turn left here, towards the southeast, and follow the wall until you reach a path that goes back to the southwest.
  3. Enter the forest and head in a westerly direction, veering north at times to get through the trees.
  4. Soon, you’ll find a great stone wall. Climb over the stones below it and enter the cavern.
  5. Work your way down, carefully, and eventually you’ll drop to an area containing the colossus.
  6. Battling the colossus: This hulking beast has two main attacks: a punch and a stomp. You can avoid the former by running right after it begins to swing. The latter, like any foot smash, can be avoided by jumping at the last second.
  7. Work towards the opposite side of the room from where you entered, baiting the colossus as you do. When you reach some low-hanging outcroppings of rock, start climbing up.
  8. When you reach the top of the wall, run up the stairs and you’ll find a sheltered area you can safely hide. Wait here for the colossus to search for you. He won’t be able to find you for a bit, but eventually he’ll stick his face in the opening.
  9. See that mossy beard? Time to climb! Quickly grab the giant’s fur and hold on tight. When you have a chance, climb to the colossus’s head and stab the weak spot on the top of his skull.
  10. When the upper weak point finally closes, it’s time to head for the giant’s back. Run down his spine and move to his left side to locate it. A few stabs later, the bearded beast will be no more.

Colossus #7

  1. Finding the colossus: Out of the temple, go north across the canyon via the stone path parallel to the bridge.
  2. Hold your sword up at the other end and follow the light straight to a mountain. Go left when you reach it, following a similar path you walked finding the third colossus.
  3. Instead of hopping into the lake, walk around it to the northwest and you’ll find a path leading north through the rocks.
  4. You’ll come across two forks in the path. Take a right at both of them. Soon, you’ll reach an open field.
  5. Turn left and head northeast until you see a pair of tall pillars. The sword’s light will lead you straight here.
  6. Enter the door and step on the bridge. Ride to the end of it, hop off your horse, and follow the spiral down to the water to find the colossus.
  7. Battling the colossus: An underwater colossus? Ok, let’s do this! This beast pretty much stays out of your way unless you bother it, so when it starts swimming towards you, hop and grab its tail just before it disappears under the water. Hold on, and don’t let go!
  8. Since Wander can’t breathe underwater, this fight can be tricky. Fortunately, once you pester the colossus, it begins to swim very quickly, surfacing and diving at a rapid pace. While it’s under the surface, just hold on and wait. When it rises to the air, make a run up its body towards the head.
  9. Negotiate the spikes on the creature’s back while it’s skimming the surface and stab the symbol below each to disable it.
  10. Eventually you’ll make it to the creature’s head, the location of the final weak point. Use charged stabs to deal with the beast and soon you’ll be the victor!

Colossus #8

  1. Finding the colossus: Outside of the temple, head southwest on a similar trek you took finding the first colossus.
  2. Enter the gap between the cliffs and follow the trail down the hill. You’ll hit an open area with a wall at the opposite end.
  3. Reach the wall and follow the tunnel that heads south.
  4. In the watery area, your goal is the small island near the center. You can swim there if you like, or just go right to follow the land bridge.
  5. Enter the building and head down the stairs. Climb on the pillars and pull yourself to the top, then shuffle around to the opposite side and step onto the path.
  6. Follow the walkway and you’ll find a pit. Climb over the rocks and keep heading forward to find the colossus.
  7. Battling the colossus: This boss is a small, lizard-like colossus that won’t tolerate you grabbing on to its back. If you get too close to it, you’ll discover how painful a rock-infused swipe of this monster’s tail can be. Keep your distance and pull out the bow for now.
  8. Get the colossus’s attention by whistling, then climb up a few levels and hide. The colossus will clambor up the walls searching for you.
  9. Take aim and fire an arrow at the creature’s feet. It will stop for a moment, reeling from a bit of pain. Quickly fire another arrow and it will fall down to the floor below.
  10. You can survive a fall from here, so go ahead and leap from the opening to find the colossus on its back. Hop on its belly from the tail, equip your sword, and start stabbing.
  11. One symbol will disappear and another will spawn just above its belly. By this time, the colossus will likely turn itself over. Repeat the climbing/arrow firing process to make short work of this feisty little critter.

Colossus #9

  1. Finding the colossus: Ride Agro around the temple to the north, cross the foot bridge, and take a sharp turn to the west, following the sword’s light the whole way.
  2. Keep following the light until you reach a dark area with a canyon to the north. Follow it to find a small bridge, then cross it and turn east. Soon, you’ll find the colossus.
  3. Battling the colossus: This colossal colossus has a few simple attacks, but one of them is an energy blast that can do a ton of damage to you. Stay out of its way at all costs!
  4. Before you can fight this baddie, you need to lure him out. See those little depressions in the sand? They will randomly spout water. Lure the beast to the geysers so one of them hits it with a blast of water.
  5. When the colossus gets wet, it will reel back, kicking its feet in the air. Stand underneath the monster and fire arrows at the symbols on its feet.
  6. Repeat the process with charged arrow shots and the colossus will flip on its side. Run to its belly and climb up to its spine. Be careful when it flips back over and hold on tight!
  7. The final weak spot is on the colossus’s head. Make your way there and stab it a few times to do this beast in.

Colossus #10

  1. Finding the colossus: Finding the tenth colossus is quite a trek, so head straight out of the temple and head north of the temple, crossing the foot bridge.
  2. Go to the area where you fought the last colossus, then cross the field north. You’ll discover a path that leads away to the west.
  3. Keep to the path, it winds its way through a lot of terrain.
  4. When you reach a wall where your sword tells you to move through it, look south to find a cave.
  5. Head down the cave and you’ll find the colossus waiting at the end.
  6. Battling the colossus: The battle with this sand worm-like colossus is tricky, and you’ll need Agro to pull it off.
  7. Ride your horse around the sandy cavern, chasing the burrowing beast to get its attention. Eventually it will star to give chase.
  8. Keep riding with the colossus behind you and wait for its head to rise from the sand. Aim and fire an arrow at its eyes.
  9. When you score a hit, the colossus freaks out and eventually smashes into a wall. Ride like the wind to the beast’s tail and jump off Agro. Climb the colossus and stab the first spot on its underbelly.
  10. The worm will repeat the pattern from before, so trick it into hitting the wall again and climb on its belly once more. This time, move closer to its head to find the final weak point. A few stabs and you’ll do this monster in for good.

Colossus #11

  1. Finding the colossus: Head north out of the temple, crossing the tiny footpath parallel to the big bridge you’re so fond of by now.
  2. Veer east as you continue pressing north, following the sword light’s direction. Stay alongside the tall, thin pillars as best you can.
  3. Eventually you’ll come to a big pit with a lake at the bottom. Leave Agro and hop down, landing in the water for safety.
  4. Follow the sloping path up and enter the temple-like area. The colossus will make itself known once you leap the chasm.
  5. Battling the colossus: A small, fast colossus is your foe this time, so it’s time to switch up your strategies a bit. Keep your distance from this spunky beast, as it has a habit of ramming you and trying to claw you when you’re close.
  6. Climb up to one of the torches in the room and lure the colossus to ram into the pillar. Hop down and pick up the burning stick.
  7. Climb back up to another torch and light the stick. This time, you’ve got the power, as the colossus is scared of big fire stick-wielding you. Encourage him to back off the nearby cliff, still keeping your distance as best you can, and he’ll take a tumble, cracking his armor and opening a weak spot on his back.
  8. Slip off the edge of the cliff (don’t jump) and you’ll land on the stunned creature. Just a few charged sword stabs it all it takes to send him packing.
  9. If the colossus gets back up again, just repeat the stick burning technique to push him off the ledge.

Colossus #12

  1. Finding the colossus: Head out of the temple, like you do, and circle around to the northeast side. Ride to the rock path that crosses the canyon.
  2. On the other side, keep riding north until you reach another narrow passageway that leads into a forested cavern.
  3. Stick to the right and ride through the area and down the path when you reach the waterfall.
  4. Hop off of Agro at the rock barrier and climb around the pillar.
  5. Run up the path a bit and then hop into the water. Swim through the opening and you’ll find the colossus in the next area.
  6. Battling the colossus: Another pseudo-water colossus, and this one can require some trickery to damage. Sometimes, you can swim around the beast to climb up its body via the tail. Sometimes you can’t, in which case, follow the instructions below.
  7. Swim under the water to one of the sheltered areas and hide behind the pillar in the center. The beast will eventually move closer. When it does, fire an arrow at the creature’s eyes, causing it to lower its head.
  8. Head down, hop on the platforms and climb onto the boss’s face. Hang on while it tries to shake you off, then climb on top of its head.
  9. In order to deal damage to this colossus, you’ve got a bit of driving to do. Stab the colored stones to direct the beast around the cavern, ultimately forcing it to the stone structures from before. When you reach one, take a massive leap on top of these platforms.
  10. Now that you’ve got a better vantage point (preferably hiding behind the rock) and step up on the platform. Now you can attack, heading straight to the beast’s belly for a big ole charged stab.
  11. You’ll have to repeat the process above to take a second swing at the weak point, but once you do, you can claim a victory!

Colossus #13

  1. Finding the colossus: Head southwest out of the temple and follow the path your sword points out.
  2. You’ll soon reach the forest you passed through on your previous colossus hunt. In the northwest corner of the forest you’ll find a path leading to the desert.
  3. Hold your sword up in the desert and it will lead you to some ruins. Ride there and you’ll find the colossus.
  4. Battling the colossus: The thirteenth colossus is arguably one of the most epic fights in the game. It’s another flying beast, but this time, you’ve got to get on top of him in a very different manner.
  5. Ride around the sand with the bow equipped and wait for the colossus to fly low. You’ll see three sacks on its belly. Hit all three with arrows.
  6. Its air bladders deflated, the colossus takes a dive to the ground. Staying on Agro the whole time, ride up alongside the monster as fast as you can go. Get just in front of the wings and take a flying leap off of your horse. Grab on to the colossus’s body as soon as you touch it and don’t let go.
  7. With the air whipping at your side, carefully climb/run to the beast’s midsection and head towards the tail. You’ll find three shielded weak points there.
  8. Take out the first symbol with two or three strong stabs. Immediately head to the second symbol and take it out as quickly as you can. You should be able to seal it shut with enough damage before the colossus dives down and digs under the sand.
  9. When the colossus re-emerges, its air sacks are once again filled. Deflate them as before, climb aboard again, and take out the final weak point on its back.

Colossus #14

  1. Finding the colossus: Leave the temple on Agro and head northwest across the rock path that spans the canyon.
  2. Keep heading north, following the sword’s light.
  3. Eventually you’ll reach a dark part of the map with a wall. Cut to the right and follow alongside the cliffs, heading through geyser territory.
  4. Veer left to find a small rock bridge, then turn back right and follow the wall some more.
  5. Take a left at the fork and ride through the canyon. Follow it until you see an area with a few small pillars. Turn left here.
  6. Ride the rocky path with the pillars through a cavern. When you reach the water, dismount and swim to the sunlit hill.
  7. Cross from the hill and continue through the cavern. Eventually you’ll emerge in a small open area. Make your way around and down, dropping from handhold to handhold.
  8. Cut through the small gap in the wall on the left, then climb back up and run along the path leading to the stairs.
  9. As soon as you reach the top of the stairs, you’ll see the colossus.
  10. Battling the colossus: This small and spunky colossus likes to charge at you, so keep your distance and circle around to the fallen pillar.
  11. Climb around and up from the pillar to get some distance from the boss. This will kind of piss it off, and it will start ramming everything. Duck down to avoid getting knocked off your perch.
  12. After two hits, the pillar falls down. Now you can reach the opposite ledge by climbing on the downed pillar. Let the colossus knock this one down, use it to reach the next higher ledge, and repeat until you can stand on the tall structure at the end.
  13. Get on top of the last pillar and wait for the colossus to start ramming. When this one falls, it takes out the entire wall to the side. Climb up here and coax the colossus into hitting the last pillars.
  14. When it finally knocks the supports out from under the platform, the rocks fall and crack the boss’s armor.
  15. Now, head back to the pillars you knocked down before and lure the colossus to the area. It will ram them again, causing it to fall dizzy for a few moments. Immediately hop on its back and start stabbing the weak point on its back. A few good hits will send it packing.

Colossus #15

  1. Finding the colossus: Out of the temple, circle around and cross the familiar rock path leading across the canyon to the north.
  2. Head up the small incline and stick to the right, staying on the grass, until you’re parallel to the thin pillars.
  3. Ride alongside the pillars until you reach the high desert. Cut to the right and ride to the southeast.
  4. Eventually, you’ll see a ruined castle-like area. Ride to the right side of this and circle back around to find a ramp. Ascend, turn right, and enter the ruins.
  5. Hop up the steps and continue through the opening. Stay to the right and ascend the large stairs.
  6. Climb up, run through the pillars, and enter the arena with one of the largest colossus characters yet.
  7. Battling the colossus: You can’t scamper up this beast’s legs, so you’ll need to circle around and find a way to get some height. Whistle to get the colossus’s attention, then lead it back to the narrow area with the bridges in the air. You’ll notice some tiles on the ground. Eventually the colossus will try to stomp you, tilting the tiles and allowing you to climb upwards.
  8. Run down the path a bit and whistle again. The colossus will attack you with its cleaver, knocking some blocks down above. Climb on them to gain some more height.
  9. On the ceiling, run across to the staircase and stand on the narrow bridges that span the arena. Wait about two thirds of the way across of one and the colossus will come to attack. Whistle or fire arrows to get its attention.
  10. When the colossus is underfoot, jump to its head. The first weak point is here, so whack away at it until it seals itself up.
  11. Still on top of the beast, run to the back side of the right shoulder and climb down the cleaver arm. Hit the weak spot here and the colossus will drop the cleaver.
  12. Drop off of the colossus and stand in front of the monster. It will attack with a ground pound, at which point you should jump onto its palm and stab the final weak spot with your sword.

Colossus #16

  1. Finding the colossus: The final colossus is tricky to locate, as the sword light is a bit misleading. Head out of the temple and go southeast, to the left of where you went to fight the first colossus.
  2. Ride through the narrow pass here until you reach a field.
  3. Go straight across this field until you reach a cracked mountain of sorts.
  4. Enter the pass and step up to the large door. Raise your sword and shine its light to open them.
  5. Keep riding through the ruins, climbing the stairs and reaching the crumbling bridge. Gotta love that wonderful, selfless horse of yours.
  6. Climb up the handholds and work your way up the mountain. Use the moss to ascend.
  7. At the top of the mountain you’ll find a hallway. Run through it to emerge in a large open area.
  8. Grab the pillar to your left, circle around, and hop up to the top. The colossus battle begins here.
  9. Battling the colossus: Before you can fight this colossus, you have to make your way to it. Use the rocks as shields against its attacks. Take the nearby stairs leading underground.
  10. When you emerge, roll across the small gaps to find the second set of stairs. Run along the path and grab the ledge, circling around a huge broken pillar.
  11. When you emerge, cut left and run into the tunnel. Follow it, emerge, and cross the dangerous area ahead with a series of rolls.
  12. Climb up the wall ahead by using the small handholds.
  13. Head right at the top and hop down a bit and jump to the nearby platforms. Head across the way and emerge behind the massive colossus.
  14. There’s a weak spot on the colossus’s back. Stab it and it will examine the wound. Immediately jump to its hand and hold on to the palm.
  15. When the monster stretches out its arm, run up the wrist to the armband and stab it.
  16. The colossus brings its other arm over to investigate. Jump to it.
  17. Stab the new hand and the colossus brings it to its face to take a look. There’s a weak spot on its shoulder, so from this position, take aim and fire.
  18. The colossus lifts its hand once you shoot this point. Jump off and reach the beast’s neck, then climb to the top of its head.
  19. The boss flails its arms madly at this point, so stab the final weak spot when you can to send this colossal colossus to the grave.

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On October 8, 2011 at 12:16 am

You can’t run along the spine of the second colossus anymore, like in the first game. You have to hang onto the side of him and get him to flick you onto his back/head. They’ve tweaked some of the original glitches, and that’s one of them.