Shadow Warrior (2013) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue: Mr. Two Million Dollars
  • Chapter 1: A, Like Asshole C, Like Champion
  • Chapter 2: The Party Bus
  • Chapter 3: Spiritual Laxative
  • Chapter 4: I Can’t Remember That Night Either
  • Chapter 5: She’s A Courier
  • Chapter 6: Home, Sweet Home
  • Chapter 7: You Should See the Other Guy
  • Chapter 8: Not Quite A Genie
  • Chapter 9: I Liked You Better When You Were Dumb And Gorgeous
  • Chapter 10: We Should Stick to the Lack of Plan
  • Chapter 11: Just Like A Maggot Should
  • Chapter 12: Some of Us Have Learned Not To Burn Bridges
  • Chapter 13: A Taste of the Price We Agreed Upon
  • Chapter 14: I’m Content to Kill Right Here
  • Chapter 15: I Wish I Knew How to Quit You
  • Chapter 16: Make It Right
  • Chapter 17: If This Is Victory…

  • Chapter 10: We Should Stick to the Lack of Plan

    Welcome to the Manticore. A pile of C4 charges sits outside the hole in the ship. Grab ‘em and get going underneath.

    Press the button and work through the explosive demonic balls. Up the stairs and through the gate are more lesser demons, but they’re no threat to Wang.

    Up the ramp, there’s another heavy enemy encounter with two Warlords. The Crossbow is great, and peppering these guys with the flamethrower then switching weapons will help drain their health fast.

    Lower the ramp and work through the ship. Some enemies will appear, but nothing too dangerous will appear yet.

    After the first enemy spawn, continue to a large gap. Dash across it and continue down the path to find the first bomb location. Place the C4 onto terminal, then backtrack to the gap and jump down to proceed.

    Back at the entrance, a new door is open in the first partially flooded room. More shield demons will appear in the cargo bay – one new trick you can employ is the flamethrower. Their shields can’t block fire!

    There are three control rooms in the upper decks. Ride the elevator up and enter all three – they’re visible right from the entrance. The glowing doors make the locations pretty obvious.

    Plant all three charges, then take the elevator back down. Of course, demons will appear to give you grief. Leave through the glowing door, and grab the Ki Crystal down the hall.

    Fight off more shield demons to find a hatch in the floor, dropping Wang directly into another fight.

    Watch out for the exploding terminals while shooting down the kamikazes. For the second wave, two Warlords and multiple shielded chargers will appear. Use the Warlord head to wipe them out, or just get the Crossbow.

    Leaving the ship and jumping back down onto the dock, more surprises await.

    Two necromancers, and more shielded goons. The flamethrowers works a trick on the skeleton minions, give it a try if you’re overwhelmed.

    Hit the switch overlooking the ship to lower it while flyers swarm the area. Shoot them down, and get yourself back on that ship.

    The way deeper into the ship is blocked by a red seal. Follow the single path around and up the steps, then down to destroy the urn, then get back to the second sealed door.

    The dark halls eventually lead into a dim deck filled with shielded demons, reached by fighting through enraged lesser minions and taking the stairs up. Clear the area and hit the switch in the center to bring an elevator down.

    A new weapon awaits in a red crate (with a collectible right beside it!) up the lift.

    Outside, a Warlord awaits. One rocket is enough to cripple these guys – like all good launchers, ammo is scarce but damage is huge. One shot can wipe out an entire group of enemies.

    Through the next door, you’ll find what Zilla was digging up – an ancient boat. Fight through the roosting flyers and hit the button to open the cargo doors into the hold.

    In the bay, a new enemy appears. The crystalline demons are completely invulnerable, save for the glowing rocks on their backs. Wait for them to charge, then dodge left or right to get a clean shot.

    There are two weapons that are great against this miniboss – Wing of Crane can hit the demon’s back even from the front, so it doesn’t require as much precision.

    If you’re okay with being accurate, use the Crossbow and charge it with the High-Strain System. A fully charged shot is 4 times as powerful as a regular bolt.

    Save your rockets for the Warlord and Necromancer that appear next. Clear out the minions, and hit the elevator switch in the center of the room to board.

    Grab the sword, destroy the Whisperer, and take off to fight another boss in the Shadowrealm.

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    3 Comments on Shadow Warrior (2013) Walkthrough


    On October 2, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    I never finished Shadow Warrior, but it was a very good Build engine title. 3D Realms essentially created an oriental Duke Nukem, with equally hilarious voice work. I may have to get ahold of this reboot and see what’s what.


    On January 27, 2014 at 7:35 am

    Great game! Look forward to completing it. This is way better than the latest duke nukem. Story lasts way longer amd weapons are more fun imo. Upgrade system definitely a plus!


    On November 4, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    This game was amazing! I’ve only played a little of the original when I was a kid, they nailed the humor and story mixture. 10/10.