Shadow Warrior (2013) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue: Mr. Two Million Dollars
  • Chapter 1: A, Like Asshole C, Like Champion
  • Chapter 2: The Party Bus
  • Chapter 3: Spiritual Laxative
  • Chapter 4: I Can’t Remember That Night Either
  • Chapter 5: She’s A Courier
  • Chapter 6: Home, Sweet Home
  • Chapter 7: You Should See the Other Guy
  • Chapter 8: Not Quite A Genie
  • Chapter 9: I Liked You Better When You Were Dumb And Gorgeous
  • Chapter 10: We Should Stick to the Lack of Plan
  • Chapter 11: Just Like A Maggot Should
  • Chapter 12: Some of Us Have Learned Not To Burn Bridges
  • Chapter 13: A Taste of the Price We Agreed Upon
  • Chapter 14: I’m Content to Kill Right Here
  • Chapter 15: I Wish I Knew How to Quit You
  • Chapter 16: Make It Right
  • Chapter 17: If This Is Victory…

  • Chapter 12: Some of Us Have Learned Not To Burn Bridges

    Welcome to Zilla’s secret mountain fortress. Follow the ice path to a rickety old outpost to encounter a new enemy type – invisible female projectile demons.

    These nasty witches will stand still while pelting Wang with ninja stars. Wait for them to stop, then use a charged Crossbow bolt or Revolver to kill them from a distance. Don’t stand still!

    Hitting them with bolts has an added bonus – you can still see the bolts sticking out of their bodies when they turn invisible. Handy for tracking their movements!

    After the battle, grab the keycard from the dead body near the ledge, and take it to the guard room near the closed gate.

    The interior hall is crawling with explosive traps. Blast them, and check out the offices to the left for more ammo and health. In the back right corner, there’s a valuable statue hidden behind cardboard boxes, too.

    Ahead, deal with the kamikazes (try the PDW!) and use the tram. The trip will be dangerous – use the PDW or whatever your preferred weapon to destroy the explosive traps near the tram, and make liberal use of your regenerating powers.

    Enter the offices and use the eye-scanner to talk to Orochi Zilla, Wang’s boss. The doors back into the tram tracks will open up. Time to explore! If you feel like backtracking, you can find an extra blood vial near the beginning of the area.

    Hop on the turret and shoot at the barrels near the vines blocking the way. Demons, of course, will appear but they won’t be a problem with that massive infinite-ammo turret in your control.

    Enter the science-dome to fight a flock of demonic birds, followed by a nasty encounter with three Warlords at once. If you have ammo to spare, use a few rockets while they’re bunched up, or grab a Warlord head.

    Entering another, darker science dome through the locked-down hallways, go upstairs to discover a single glowing panel. It can be a little tricky to find, look for it under a bright lamp.

    Instead of going downstairs, leave through the open “exit” door, also on the upper level to get outside again. Enter the hatch past the ambush of flying lesser demons, and grab one of the gasmasks before entering the lab full of poison gas.

    Next, you’ll re-enter a large room with -two- of the crystal brutes. Wipe out the lesser demons first, then focus on these two chumps.

    Divider of Heavens is surprisingly useful against these guys. Circles around and aim up toward their exposed orange weakpoints with a charged thrust to tear down their health.

    Go towards the green light! Nakamura’s body is in the closed room, accessed by the card reader in the dark room full of kamikazes. Grab the head – gross.

    An alternate door opens up around the lower edge of the building. The next dome, still filled with poison, is swarming with lesser demons and kamikazes, so go in packing with double PDWs to quickly handly those rolling bombs.

    Leaving, you’ll finally take off the mask. But, a big battle awaits upstairs. More female demons will appear with a Warlod. The enraged demons are a pain, so get out the Rocket Launcher and blow the Warlord away.

    If you have a spare heart, use it against the female demons – it’ll be worth it to get them off your back as quickly as possible.

    Take the head back to the security scanner to open the doors leading to the mission exit.

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    3 Comments on Shadow Warrior (2013) Walkthrough


    On October 2, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    I never finished Shadow Warrior, but it was a very good Build engine title. 3D Realms essentially created an oriental Duke Nukem, with equally hilarious voice work. I may have to get ahold of this reboot and see what’s what.


    On January 27, 2014 at 7:35 am

    Great game! Look forward to completing it. This is way better than the latest duke nukem. Story lasts way longer amd weapons are more fun imo. Upgrade system definitely a plus!


    On November 4, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    This game was amazing! I’ve only played a little of the original when I was a kid, they nailed the humor and story mixture. 10/10.