Shadow Warrior (2013) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue: Mr. Two Million Dollars
  • Chapter 1: A, Like Asshole C, Like Champion
  • Chapter 2: The Party Bus
  • Chapter 3: Spiritual Laxative
  • Chapter 4: I Can’t Remember That Night Either
  • Chapter 5: She’s A Courier
  • Chapter 6: Home, Sweet Home
  • Chapter 7: You Should See the Other Guy
  • Chapter 8: Not Quite A Genie
  • Chapter 9: I Liked You Better When You Were Dumb And Gorgeous
  • Chapter 10: We Should Stick to the Lack of Plan
  • Chapter 11: Just Like A Maggot Should
  • Chapter 12: Some of Us Have Learned Not To Burn Bridges
  • Chapter 13: A Taste of the Price We Agreed Upon
  • Chapter 14: I’m Content to Kill Right Here
  • Chapter 15: I Wish I Knew How to Quit You
  • Chapter 16: Make It Right
  • Chapter 17: If This Is Victory…

  • Chapter 1: A, Like Asshole C, Like Champion

    First order of business – escape! Grab the glowing sword on the ground, dropped by the dead thug, and cut the chains.

    Enter through the bloody hole in the wall to gain a new revolver. Once gained, you can open the store menu with [U] to see what upgrades are available. Nothing you can afford yet, but search the back room for more ammo and cash before leaving.

    Grab the green keycard from the desk and use it on the flashing pad outside.

    Work through the small interior and get outside for a real fight. There’s only one lesser demon here, there are plenty more later.

    Outside, switch to the sword and fight the incoming lesser demons. These guys are basically dumber, more aggressive versions of the human thugs. They won’t guard, so use dodges to back off and charge sword swings.

    Cutting off arms and legs isn’t enough for these guys. Rush in and finish them off with regular swings to put these guys down for good.

    If you’re lucky, they’ll drop a heart. These handy extra weapons are equipped by pressing [8] and instantly kill all lesser demons in the area. Save hearts for tricky sections.

    Cross the bridge to the right. Up the scaffolding, enter the glowing door and you’ll encounter that mysterious creature again.

    He’ll merge with Wang and provide a new power – healing. Tap [D,D, RMB] to heal. This is one of those vital powers you’ll want to use often throughout the game. Use it until you’re up to 65 HP then it’s outside through the glowing door.

    Find the dark cave past the bamboo and cross the rickety bridges.

    Through the green-lit cavern and back outside. Kill another ambush of lesser demons, and watch for health spirits.

    Randomly defeated demons will leave a power-up with glowing + signs. Walk over them for a quick pick-me-up.

    In the next courtyard there are some strange things to take note of. First, the door ahead is blocked by a green sigil.

    Up the steps, there’s a totel and a bloody vial on a demonic pedestal. Take the vial to gain a karma point. Those are used to upgrade your special skills.

    First, learn Divider of Heavens in the menu by pressed [U] at the cost of one karma point. Now use it to destroy the Tentoki Statue, or the green-glowing statue behind the vial.

    Try using the new power on the lesser demons in the next area.

    Circle around the building and watch out for more human thugs. Some of them come armed with SMGs – strafe around them and chop them up with a sword, or just shoot them down with bullets.

    The keys to the door in the area where you previously fought demons is in the back room of the arcade, on a desk.

    On the scenic path through the forest, jump off and run upstream from the bridge to find the path leading to the aura statue.

    Run into the shrine ahead to find something special. This is a Ki Crystal. Use it to upgrade Wang’s powers. Healing is most useful at this point, so grab Invigorating Dew.

    Smash the statue and return to the locked door at the end of the path.

    Back outside at the entrance to the estate, you’ll have even more Lesser Demons to deal with.

    Grab health packs in the raised garden and the ruined building to the right if you’re in need, and be swift with your kills. Wipe the demons out, then use the path through the koi pond to get back to your car.

    Of course, it won’t be that easy. Wipe out the goons and use the flashing car door to escape.

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    3 Comments on Shadow Warrior (2013) Walkthrough


    On October 2, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    I never finished Shadow Warrior, but it was a very good Build engine title. 3D Realms essentially created an oriental Duke Nukem, with equally hilarious voice work. I may have to get ahold of this reboot and see what’s what.


    On January 27, 2014 at 7:35 am

    Great game! Look forward to completing it. This is way better than the latest duke nukem. Story lasts way longer amd weapons are more fun imo. Upgrade system definitely a plus!


    On November 4, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    This game was amazing! I’ve only played a little of the original when I was a kid, they nailed the humor and story mixture. 10/10.