Shadow Warrior (2013) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue: Mr. Two Million Dollars
  • Chapter 1: A, Like Asshole C, Like Champion
  • Chapter 2: The Party Bus
  • Chapter 3: Spiritual Laxative
  • Chapter 4: I Can’t Remember That Night Either
  • Chapter 5: She’s A Courier
  • Chapter 6: Home, Sweet Home
  • Chapter 7: You Should See the Other Guy
  • Chapter 8: Not Quite A Genie
  • Chapter 9: I Liked You Better When You Were Dumb And Gorgeous
  • Chapter 10: We Should Stick to the Lack of Plan
  • Chapter 11: Just Like A Maggot Should
  • Chapter 12: Some of Us Have Learned Not To Burn Bridges
  • Chapter 13: A Taste of the Price We Agreed Upon
  • Chapter 14: I’m Content to Kill Right Here
  • Chapter 15: I Wish I Knew How to Quit You
  • Chapter 16: Make It Right
  • Chapter 17: If This Is Victory…

  • Chapter 2: The Party Bus

    Wang’s neighborhood isn’t looking so good. Time to fight through the demonic invasion to find that sword.

    Fight up the street, and watch out for the cars – they explode if you hit them with your sword.

    Swerve right up the road and enter the arcade to deal with another round of demons.

    By now, you might have some extra Karma points. Unlock the Katana skills first, they’ll make your life much easier in the long run.

    Grab the keys from the manager’s office in the back of the first floor, and use them on the keypad upstairs.

    Cross the rooftops until entering another home. Grab the vial downstairs, among other goodies, before moving on.

    In the courtyard you’ll meet a new lesser demon – the bird-like vultures swoop around and fling fireballs from a distance. Shoot them down with the revolver while dealing with the melee fights.

    When they’re dead, return to the lower floor of the home, where you found the vial, and destroy the glowing phylactery, opening the door back outside.

    Don’t miss the crystal through the open door.

    Across the bridge, jump down into the corridor and deal with a small group of demons. Inside the cop car ahead is a new weapon – the PDW.

    Use it to shoot down the incoming demons, and continue along the stairs to the right. And watch out for the two bunnies that get free, they might be a little too friendly with each other.

    Work through the swanky home to the street infested with vultures. Try zooming in with the Revolver [X] to pick them off before facing the rest of the monsters.

    Get close to the back train car and a demon will pop-out. Smash the bundles inside to find a secret collectible and a valuable statue for a cash infusion.

    In the bamboo forest, back off when you reach steps going down. Wait for the demons to run past the two explosive barrels before lighting them up, and giving yourself a sweet karma point bonus.

    Ahead, use [W,W, LMB] to wipe out an entire group of idle demons ahead of the doorway leading to the canal.

    Jump down into the canal, and prepare for a fight ass demons pour out of the pipes.

    Deal with the vultures in the back first, then clear out the rest.

    At the earliest, unlock Circle of Iron and Wing of Crane – followed by the rest of the Katana Mastery skills.

    Wing of Crane gives the Katana a truly ranged attack, and it will help against some of the bigger opponents in Shadow Warrior.

    Fight through the forest to reach the door into the monastery. Here, you’ll have to deal with one big bad demon.

    The brute stomps around and fires waves of projectiles while charging up the Lesser Demons. Back up and pick off the little grunts with the Revolver.

    Watch out for his chain-attack. He’ll pull you to him then slam down. If you get caught, jump back. Stay close after dealing with the minions and use the structure in the center to lead him around.

    There’s another health pack near the temple gate. Finish off the next wave of demons and go into the temple – you’ve almost got the sword now.

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    3 Comments on Shadow Warrior (2013) Walkthrough


    On October 2, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    I never finished Shadow Warrior, but it was a very good Build engine title. 3D Realms essentially created an oriental Duke Nukem, with equally hilarious voice work. I may have to get ahold of this reboot and see what’s what.


    On January 27, 2014 at 7:35 am

    Great game! Look forward to completing it. This is way better than the latest duke nukem. Story lasts way longer amd weapons are more fun imo. Upgrade system definitely a plus!


    On November 4, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    This game was amazing! I’ve only played a little of the original when I was a kid, they nailed the humor and story mixture. 10/10.