Shadow Warrior (2013) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue: Mr. Two Million Dollars
  • Chapter 1: A, Like Asshole C, Like Champion
  • Chapter 2: The Party Bus
  • Chapter 3: Spiritual Laxative
  • Chapter 4: I Can’t Remember That Night Either
  • Chapter 5: She’s A Courier
  • Chapter 6: Home, Sweet Home
  • Chapter 7: You Should See the Other Guy
  • Chapter 8: Not Quite A Genie
  • Chapter 9: I Liked You Better When You Were Dumb And Gorgeous
  • Chapter 10: We Should Stick to the Lack of Plan
  • Chapter 11: Just Like A Maggot Should
  • Chapter 12: Some of Us Have Learned Not To Burn Bridges
  • Chapter 13: A Taste of the Price We Agreed Upon
  • Chapter 14: I’m Content to Kill Right Here
  • Chapter 15: I Wish I Knew How to Quit You
  • Chapter 16: Make It Right
  • Chapter 17: If This Is Victory…

  • Chapter 5: She’s A Courier

    The street is protected by more armored thugs. Take them down – try blowing up the cars they’re standing near, then move up to the cemetery doors.

    Travel up the hill, through the lesser demons – including the new skeletons – to get closer to the temple. There are several locked doors up here, but don’t worry about those just yet.

    Outside the temple, you’ll have to deal with another major demonic force. The necromancer is a towering creature that constantly summons new skeleton minions. He’ll also throw green energy projectiles and try to swat you with his staff.

    Periodically, the big guy will shield himself. Back up and hit the shield with Ki sword powers, or just kill the skeletons he summons.

    Aswang Hunger is very useful – your Katana Mastery skills will heal Wang. Grab it as soon as possible, and use all three powers (Divider of Heavens, Wing of Crane, Circle of Iron) often to boost your point score.

    Remember all those locked doors? The keys are located in the building behind the necromancer. Grab them, and prepare to go seal hunting.

    With the keys, go to the door in the same arena in the right corner. The red seal is across the bridge, and up the steps. Go behind the building ahead to find a statue and a blood vial secret.

    Go down the path with the three-seal door in the necromancer arena, and unlock the gate into the catacombs.

    Jump down into the cavern below and turn around to find the blue seal. That’s two down, one more to go.

    On the way out of the cave, you’ll have to deal with another swarm of lesser demons, and a necromancer. Deal with the demons first, then when you’ve only got a trickle of skeletons to fight, go for the big guy down the steps.

    Conveniently, the final seal is located in a pool up above. Blast the explosive barrels to clear out the demons, then continue on your way out of the caves.

    Take the stairs up and out of the well, then swivel around before leaving through the glowing door. Behind the wooden wall are a set of doors leading into a secret retro room with a blood vial.

    The cave will dump you back at the start of the level. Work your way back to the sealed door, and make frequent stops at the many locked rooms for extra Karma vials, cash, and armor.

    Before entering the temple grounds through the large red gate, continue down the left path for a bonus Ki Crystal.

    In the temple, another necromancer will appear with lesser minions. You know the drill – using the PDW Akimbo or the explosive secondary Crossbow is a good way to soften up the demons before finishing off the necromancer.

    This is where Aswang Hunger and Kenshi/Kensei will help most. Use Wing of Crane to blast through multiple enemies, and use Divider of Heavens when you absolutely need a minion dead.

    Kite around the arena and pick off the projectile-throwing demons first. They’ll just keep coming, so once they’re thinned out, try to get in a few hits on the necromancer.

    In the temple, try to take the sword from the strange golem. Seems easy – interact with the standing golem to complete the level.

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    3 Comments on Shadow Warrior (2013) Walkthrough


    On October 2, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    I never finished Shadow Warrior, but it was a very good Build engine title. 3D Realms essentially created an oriental Duke Nukem, with equally hilarious voice work. I may have to get ahold of this reboot and see what’s what.


    On January 27, 2014 at 7:35 am

    Great game! Look forward to completing it. This is way better than the latest duke nukem. Story lasts way longer amd weapons are more fun imo. Upgrade system definitely a plus!


    On November 4, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    This game was amazing! I’ve only played a little of the original when I was a kid, they nailed the humor and story mixture. 10/10.