Shadowrun Returns Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Choosing My Character and Spending Karma
  • Dead Switch Campaign
  • Mission 8: Return to the Union

    1. Tell Mrs. Kubota that you’re honored and ask if this place is a safe house too, then finish asking her the list of available questions and proceed east to the back of the bar.
    2. Speak with Van Graas to mention Mrs. Kubota and enter the cathouse area above to approach Mr. Kluwe at the bottom of the staircase, then tell him you tracked her down and that he feels protective over the people here.
    3. Burn through the list of available questions with Mr. Kluwe, then approach the piano in the room to play G-A-F-F-C and use the secret entrance that opens to enter the Union safe house.
    4. Speak with Dr. Castle in the room below to tell Coyote she needs a hand and comment on her new mechanical arm, then talk with Coyote again after the operation to ask her about Sam and burn through another list of available questions to eventually find out where Sam lived.
    5. Search the bunk in the room arose from you to inspect both sides of the photo and pocket it, then move west through the safe house to locate another bar area and speak with Eric Mersmann to purchase another piece of clothing for extra skill points.
    6. Approach Dr. Castle again to call her work impressive and ask about Cyberware to purchase any new installations you may currently need, then ask Coyote about Sam’s sister and tell Officer Aguirre it’s a pleasure to hear from him.
    7. Tell Aguirre to put it on your tab and inform Coyote that you’ll see her when you get back, then exit the safe house to speak with Mr. Delilah and ask him to identify himself.
    8. Mention to Mr. Delilah that you’ve got what he wanted from Coyote and tell him the run went south, then give him your name without revealing that Paco is her boyfriend and hand over all the stones to finish the deal.
    9. Follow Paco to meet up with Van Graas again and ask him if he’s the right guy for fencing stones, then tell him to pay you and take a cab at the building’s front entrance to complete this mission.

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    7 Comments on Shadowrun Returns Walkthrough


    On September 18, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Lol the guides goes into detail about combat (pointless, let the player handle that). But fails to save Gino. LOL.

    When talking to Gino, tell him: “Take it easy, we’re backing off” to get him to lower his gun. Then tell him “There are drugs that can help you. We’ll go slow.” He agrees to treatment and survives.


    On September 18, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    That comment is for Mission 10: Coyote’s Crusade.


    On October 27, 2013 at 8:09 am

    This level (20, “Moving Parts”) glitches on me. The security guards never arrive. i beat the towers without them ever firing a shot (they don’t shoot if you stand right next to them, so you can beat them with your fists until they explode), and them i’m locked in that area until i quit the game. No amount of waiting resolves it – tapped “end turn” at least 20 times.


    On December 4, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    Mission 23: Corporate Extraction
    if you accept the scientists offer for 5000 nuyen to let him go (or let him go for free) you get 8KP instead of 6HP from delivering him. 4000 nuyen for 2KP is a good trade.


    On May 19, 2014 at 10:37 am

    An even better option to handle The Emerald City Ripper is to have a) someone fast (probably hasted) and b) a shaman capable of casting lightning barrier (also being able to cast fire barrier is pure bonus cheese). Send the hasted runner just past the curtain to trigger Holmes’ dialogue and the combat. Then pull them back behind the curtain as far as possible, and set up a lightning barrier to fill the squares around the curtain. Pitezel is going to run right through it, lose all remaining AP, and you can proceed to blast him to pieces. Having a hasted samurai should make this do-able in a single round. If your shaman can cast fire barrier on top of the lightning barrier, this becomes even easier. After Pitezel is dead, the Hired Mage and Holmes will be next, and might even make it to the lightning barrier before you cut them down. Otherwise, blast them at range while you’re waiting for your lightning barrier to end. The Surgeon probably won’t even do anything until you enter further into the room, letting you take on the enemies a couple at a time. Happy running, chummer!


    On May 26, 2014 at 9:54 am

    Agree with John – way too many combat details. This guide is absolutely worthless


    On July 5, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    There’s an alternate strategy to get through Moving parts/towards the brotherhood that negates fighting completely.

    First, talk to everyone around the concert stage outside the brotherhood building. Once inside, see the clerk and some lady talk about ID cards and replacing them. Take note of the name (Monica).

    Talk to the clerk, go through every dialog option and finally tell her there’s a concert outside. She’s a fan and agrees to go after you tell her they’re signing autographs. When she’s gone take a blank ID card from the box beside her. Now go to the cafeteria and check the maintenance stuff on the ground. Dip your blank card in the paint solvent.

    While on the right side of the building, talk to everyone and always choose the options that sound like you’re interested in joining. This will lead to you being directed to the other side of building. You must talk to the man by the door there and mention the ID card you have with you (melted of course) and ask for a replacement. Tell him it’s a long story and that you were mugged when he asks you what happened and he’ll let let you in the back.

    Take another blank card from the box there and start looking for information on Monica (**SPOILER** the right choices are Monica Sachnoff, Dorm B, SEA 137-647 and BabyBree). Craft your new card. Now go check all the bunks in the newly opened hallway to the left for an inner sanctum key card and a suit. You’ll also get a side quest there.

    Now you can either go into the inner sanctum alone or go and get your team. To get your team continue down the hallway until you get to the kitchen. Tell the cook there the front desk needs him and open the door for your team. If you have the right stats there’s a secret door behind the vending machine (5 str and a lot of decking) which will negate having to go to the door to the inner sanctum. If you can’t open the secret door, get your team, go to the inner sanctum door and tell the guard there that they are “New members grandmother Jessica requested to see”.

    Now you can go into the inner sanctum. No need to fight anyone this way.