Posted on April 29, 2008,

Should You Rent or Buy GTA IV?


While I’m working behind-the-scenes at FileFront & Gaming Today, I use twitter on a daily basis since I find it’s a great way to get to know people from the gaming community without actually chatting with them. During my day, I get twitters from hundreds of people. The things I read vary from simple daily going-ons, to more specific comments or ideas about gaming. One discussion in particular got me thinking. Should GTA IV be a rental or a purchase?

I personally have been a member of GameFly and other services similar to it, and I enjoyed the service until they cancelled my subscription due to too many games gone missing. That isn’t the issue here though. The reason why I decided to write this article to address a very popular trend among people who rent games: Renting GTA IV or triple-A titles altogether.

When I was an active renter, I made an oath to myself that I believe others should follow as well. When I decided to rent a title, it was for only two reasons.

  • It was a game I was unsure if it was worthy of a purchase or not.

Games that fall under this reason are games that I have read up on and I believe would be games that I’d enjoy, but have had mediocre reviews. $60 in this day in age is a lot of money to plop down for any game, so I try to make an educated decision when I decide to purchase a game. If I can’t make an educated decision on a certain title, then I’ll just go ahead and rent it to try it out for myself.

  • I really can’t afford to buy a game at the moment, but I don’t want to miss out on a new release.

This reason is pretty much self explanatory. I’m too broke to buy a game at the moment, but a game is coming out that I really don’t want to miss out on. At this point, I’ll rent the game in order to save enough to buy the game once I’m able to.

In the case of Grand Theft Auto IV, neither of these should apply to anyone. As of this writing, GTA IV has received an A+ from 1UP, and is getting overall near flawless scores from other sites. There is no doubt GTA IV will shadow other games this week, month, or quite possibly the entire year. So why would anyone be on the fence if this game is worth a purchase or not? Plain and simple…you shouldn’t!

Now for the other reason. Too broke to buy GTA IV. This should not apply either because the release of GTA IV was originally supposed to come out October 16, 2007. On August 2nd, Rockstar announced the release date would be pushed back to the second fiscal year of 2008. On January 24th, Rockstar then announced the new release date would be April 29th, 2008. Here we are on the eve of GTA IV’s release, and you say that you’re too broke to buy it? Mind you, certain retail chains began taking pre-orders almost a year ago for GTA IV. So the excuse of “I don’t have the money for it” is not a very good one. If you can’t pay for a game you can pre-order almost a year ago, then you have some serious money issues which you should address first before you continue attempting to be a responsible adult.

In closing, with a 30 hour single-player main story, tons of side-quests that are as intriguing as the main story, a bunch of mini-games and other various things you can do to keep you occupied (read: hookers), a multiplayer mode that is surprisingly well done and is pretty much what every GTA fan has wanted, the brand new Euphoria technology making everything in the GTA IV world that much more responsive, and an amazing amount of detail in graphics, audio and design in GTA IV….do you really want to just rent it?

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2 Comments on Should You Rent or Buy GTA IV?


On April 29, 2008 at 12:16 pm

Too late, already bought. :cool:

Go Marlins!!!!


On May 9, 2009 at 6:34 am

you should do what i do,rent it,then copy it xD