Silent Hill: Downpour – Homeless Side Quest Guide

Tired of walking everywhere yourself in Silent Hill? Travel with style by helping a homeless man with a few items. With every item given, he’ll open up fast travel options to another section of Silent Hill. It’s a long and arduous quest, but it’ll make 100% completion that much easier. If you’re looking to get back to old areas to complete side quests or want to uncover that final, secret ending, take a trip to the subways and be a good person. The rewards are worth it.

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Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Will Work For Food: Completed “The Homeless” side quest.

Homeless Side Quest Guide

Starting Location: The Pearl Creek Subway Entrance
Prerequisite: None
Best Starting Point: Just as you reach Pearl Creek.

  • Go to the subway entrance on Laymond and enter the east steps. Squeeze between some barrels to find a man inside, talk to him to start the quest. There are multiple steps to this sidequest, and you’ll need to discover more items to complete it.
  • First he’ll ask for food. If you have money in your inventory, continue onward. Otherwise, you can pick up some change in the Movie Theater on Chastain Heights.
  • Leave the subway and move south down the street to fight a vending machine. Search the southern edge of Cook Street. If you don’t find it there, look at the Brite / Laymond Intersection, or in the alley south of Cook.
  • Use the money on the machine to buy the Homeless man a chocolate bar. Return to give him the item, and he’ll open up the Subway entrance to Hillside and make another request for a warm coat.
  • To find a coat, travel to Chastain Heights and enter the thrift store. Search near the cash register or the back room to find the coat, then return to the Homeless man to give him the item. He’ll then unlock the tunnels to Chastain Heights.
  • Lastly, he’ll request a fishing rod. Travel to Pleasant River and take a look around. On Easy Puzzle Difficulty, search the docks. On Normal, look in the water spillway off from the subway entrance. On Hard, look on the narrow boardwarlk east of the docks.
  • Travel back to the man and give him his item. He’ll open up the Subway entrances to the Port District and Pleasant River, making traveling Silent Hill much easier.

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On March 31, 2012 at 4:05 pm

how does the subways in the sldp game work i finished the homeless side quest but the doors will not open what am i missing?