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  1. Cape Trinity:
    “Cape Trinity sweeps along the sunny coast of Trinity Bay, along an important shipping route. With only three city sites, Cape Trinity is a cozy Region with a good mixture of natural resources and land value.”
    Trinity Point is a city that juts into Tinity Bay. Its seaside location make it an ideal coastal resort town.
    strong>Norwhich Hills are tucked away in the foothills of Cape Trinity. There are plenty of mountains in this area. Fossils found in the hills hint at underground oil deposits.
    Clearwater is the area that connects Trinity Point and Norwich Hills. This region will be instrumental in your shipping of resources to the Global Market.
  2. Sunrunner Bay:
    “Attached to the mainland by only a narrow highway, this small island projects into Sunrunner Bay. This sunny island is a getaway for free spirits and artists. A pair of city sites share this island and all its natural splendor.”
    Plunder Point is one of two Sunrunner Bay Cities. Attached to the mainland by only a narrow highway, this small island projects into Sunrunner Bay. This sunny island is a getaway for free spirits and artists. A pair of city sites share this island and all its natural splendor.
    Corsair Coast , the second Sunrunner Bay City, is an ideal tourist destination. There is also a hefty amount of cruse oil deposits here just waiting for you to take advantage of them.
  3. Discoery Delta:
    “Roll on down the lazy Rye River as it flows through Discovery Delta. This expansive wetland Region follows the course of river tributaries with creeks and ponds forming among the city sites. Four groups of cities are situated to develop amazing cities in the delta and complete Great Works.
    Sawyer’s Crossing houses coal and crude oil deposits and lies across Sawyer’s Creek.
    The Cottonwood Forest is a dense area of woodlands that surrounds Miller’s Pond. For mayors willing to clear the forest, coal and raw ore deposits are ripe for the picking. The natural splendor of the pond and riverbank provide great backdrops for luxurious high-wealth housing or casinos.
    Honeysuckle Marsh holds both crude oil and coal within that are ready for a clever mayor to make lots of bridges.
    In Willow Woods you will find a large assortment of raw resources including coal, raw ore and crude oil. Mayors can build a massive city in the midst of a forest in this forested site.
    Thatcher Overlook’s upper region is home to coal, raw ore and crude oil deposits. The lower region of this area runs along the river.
    The upper overlook portion of Thatcher Overlook is festooned with an assortment of coal, raw ore and crude oil deposits, giving mayors a nice sampling for the mining and Drilling specializations. The lower land that bends along the shoreline has fabulous views of the river.
    The Magnolia Wetlands presents a bit of a challenge for mayors to curve their roads around the slough that extends into the middle of the land. Oil reservoirs under this site provide an excellent foundation for a drilling empire, but there are also significant deposits of coal here as well.
    At the base of Washboard Ridge, the Jugband Hills hold valuable raw ore deposits beneath the gently rolling hills. Mayors who build a mining business can ship their metals out from the shoreline to the Global Market
    The Washtub Fields provide plenty of space for mayors to expand. Coal and raw ore deposits allow mayors to start a mining town and grow it into a massive mining metropolis. River access in this site is ideal for shipping metal resources.
    Rising Sun Valley is ideal for mayors who long for wide open spaces. A large crude oil deposit in this site welcomes mayors to start a drilling business and a small amount of coal provides a source of coal for a power plant.
    You can also find the Harper Plains situated in the shadow of the Big Jim Mountains. They provide an entirely level site for mayors who don’t want to deal with hills or rivers. This inland site has plenty of coal and raw ore for mayors to start the Mining operation of their choice.
    Oil reservoirs under the Magnolia Wetlands provide an excellent foundation for a drilling empire, but there are also significant deposits of coal here as well.
    The Kazoo Basin features a large reservoir of crude oil as well as a small amount of coal, perhaps enough for a Coal Power Plant. Views of a private inlet provide an ideal location for discerning home owners.
  4. Viridian Woods:
    “This heavily wooded Region features lush green forests fed by lazy rivers flowing through the region. A wide variety of sites in several groups provide many opportunities for mayors to cooperate to fill the region with massive cities.”
    With a spectacular shoreline running along the edge of this site, mayors could develop the Hohenburg Shores Wessex Bend will provide you with enough natural resources to begin an industry. It also lies along the River Stuart, making this an important location for your trade routes.
    Crude oil and raw ore deposits in the Bamberg Basin serve as an excellent start to Drilling or Mining operations. The riverbank that borders this site is ideal for trading on the Global Market.
    The dramatic Tosca Cliffs separate this site into two distinct elevations. Crude oil, coal and raw ore deposits provide the foundation for a city focused on drilling or mining.
    The Giovanni Woods provide mayors plenty of room to build a massive city. Small deposits of coal and raw ore provide a meager source of resources
    The top Monet Plateau is rich with raw ore deposits and the low-lying land features two deep crude oil deposits.
    The Figaro Forest has a sampling of coal, raw ore and crude oil resources for mayors willing to clear away the trees. The nearby river provides a convenient shipping connection to the Global Market.
    The Straussburg Isles are a set of 3 islands situated in the middle of the Straussurg River.
    You can also find a number of Crude oil, coal and raw ore deposits in the Tosca Cliffs.
  5. Horizon Archipelago:
    “This picturesque chain of islands has several cities on each of its three major islands. These rocky islands sit high in the water, with exposed cliffs dictating interesting city planning choices. Island shores with spectacular ocean views lend themselves well to developing wealthy resorts.”
    Deposits of raw ore in Lapsang Landing are a tempting prize for industrious mayors. A nearby train trestle runs trains through this site to connect it to the rest of the Region.
    Coal deposits throughout Sounchong Summit provide an excellent starting point for mayors willing to work at high altitudes. Rail running up the mountain to this site saves it from only being connected to the rest of the region by a long highway trip.
    Along the Yoshitoshi Strand you will be able to find a lot of good land you can build on. The shoreline also houses massive crude oil and raw ore deposits.
    Coal and raw ore in the Triton Valley Coal and raw ore in this site are found throughout three tiers of elevation, allowing for tunnels, ramps and highly desirable cliffs. Rail connects to Nautilus Plateau on its way to the record-setting Rose Bridge.
    Ceylon Steppes has a generous helping of raw ore throughout and a large reservoir of crude oil just below the surface. The rail running through this site is ready to carry resources to the great work site.
    You can find an assortment of raw resources at the Cowrie Cove . The beaches along the shoreline will also come in handy in the context of tourism.
    There is also a major coal deposit at the center of Oolong Peak, which rests atop a high elevation.
  6. Whitewater Valley:
    “Deep in the valley of a massive mountain range, this Region features the confluence of two rivers into one larger river. Five city sites hug the banks of the rivers while a rail network winds its way through the base of the mountains.”
    Whitewater Crossing is located where two great rivers meet. You can find plenty of coal, oil and ore deposits that are ready to be extracted and shipped down along the river.
    Straddling the southernmost tributary of the Cascadia River, Riverbend presents the challenge of developing a city that crosses both banks. The reward to such an industrious mayor is a deep reservoir of crude oil.
    The Twain area is short on natural resources but is a great region to use as a connection to the regional rail line. Use this in combination with the river for efficient trade routes.
    Filled with a dense forest, Elm Grove has a modest oil reservoir and a light sprinkling of raw ore. The fresh mountain air is alluring to visitors of this wooded site.
    Titan Gorge:
    “This massive Region features sixteen diverse city sites grouped into four clusters. Titan Gorge runs down the heart of the valley, ending at a bulge in the Reposado River. A soaring rail trestle spans the wide gap between two expansive plateaus.”
    Conestoga Crossing is rich in water with a smattering of raw ore deposits. The Reposado River snakes through this site, supporting Global Market trading. Make sure to use this sweet spot to your advantage.
    Hickory Ridge has a lot of beautiful scenic views that will entice the wealthy to develop on this site. It is really tough to build roads here tough, so you will likely not get to making good use of this area until you’re far along.
    An old shipping rail runs through Cedargates and can be used to ship the crude oil extracted from the bursting oil reservoir in this site.
    A generous crude oil reservoir has long lured would-be oil barons to Pioneer Plains . Expansive plains provide plenty of room to build a sprawling city.
    Scant coal and raw ore deposits provide a challenge for new mayors, but the vast plains of this site allow for plenty of expansion on Nugget Plateau . Strong breezes and warm weather make this an ideal retirement community.
    Palomino was home to a horse ranch that would ship horses on the railroad that runs through the site. Small deposits of raw ore are scattered through this site.
  7. Reflection Atoll:
    “This tropical island destination has sandy beaches ready for the island explorer looking for a laid back adventure in the sun. A wide assortment of natural resources distributed across the islands gives each island its own identity.

    All 7 cities of the region are connected to each other by rail, road and water. The region has only one great works location.”

    Trader’s Ridge has small coal, raw ore and crude oil deposits to take advantage of. The flat low-lying areas and shoreline provide perfect locations for Trade Ports. You can tunnel through the bluff in the middle of the site to navigate sides.
    Summit Vista has a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains. High land values create an ideal location for an educated city or a resort. Railways and shorelines provide locations for transit options.
    Ingot Landing is located at the base of Clipper Mountain is flush with raw ore. Rail tracks and a sandy bay provide mayors specialized in Mining with a means to export their resources.
    Grand Haven s surrounded by the Ring River, offering a nature wonderland with high land values. Mayors will find this an ideal site for a tourist or Education city.

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3 Comments on SimCity 2013 Guide


On March 1, 2013 at 7:53 am

What are you talking about with “making a successful city is about as hard as any reasonable person might expect “?

The beta (1 and 2) were both childish easy, build over the complete xtra small maps in less than an hour, and also almost impossible to loose money. No challenge what so ever, even if you take _all_ the loans.
“oh wait it is just beta, wait for the final version” you say? Wrong! It is the same. With the economy working like you have infinite money there are no easy, medium or hard. It is just no challenge at all.

Fans of SC2000 – SC4 are in for a huge dissapointment, but fans of Farmville and The Sims will be overjoyed. And that is ok, just do not hope for some kind of advanced citybuilder.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On March 1, 2013 at 10:32 am


Oh wait, it is just beta, wait for the final version! … wait. I’m wrong?! How did you know.

This guide is, plainly, for people with no experience at all with the SimCity series. We’re not trying to claim it’s going to be harder than SC2000, or easier, or really making any value statement here. This isn’t a review. This isn’t a preview.

I’m sorry you’re unhappy with this turn in the series. Plenty of people are, you’re not alone there (Not on this site, for sure.) but the point of this guide is to teach newbies how to get their city started. It might seem easy, but you’d be surprised — there are lots of people with completely valid reasons for needing a bit of help. Hopefully, we can provide that.


On April 29, 2015 at 12:54 am

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