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  1. Mining is going to be a good source of income for you early in the game. While you’re not going to be able to make bulk sums, it is a quick and consitent way to get that cash flow going.
  2. If you specialize in mining, you will have the advantage of being able to get coal and cut the costs of your power plants.
  3. Mine shafts are extremely cheap by the hour and will attract uneducated and low wealth workers. This, along with increased pollution and health hazards, constitute the disatvantages of mining.
  4. Some useful notes on Ore Mines:
    Production rates cap out at 24 tones a day. They cost $175 per hour for upkeep, with an initial investment of $22,500. You will need Water, Power, and at least 7 industrial buildings to unlock an Ore mine.
  5. Ore Shafts increase rate of extraction by 24 tons each day. They cost $16,000 and are a worthwhile investment when you have the money to spend. Splurging on these too early can put you in dire straits. They cost $16,000 and are $40/hr for their upkeep. There is a limit of 4 per Ore Mine for these shafts.
  6. You can also install up to 4 Ore Delivery truck garages in your mine. These guys cost $10,000 and will cost you $50 by the hour for upkeep.
  7. If you have a sweet mine going on and feel like putting icing on the cake, you can choose to get a decorative sign for $200.
  8. And now for some notes on Coal Mines:

    Coal Mines produce 24 tones a day and cost $22,500 to get. You will also have to pay an upkeep fee of $150/hr. In order to unlock a Coal Mine, you will also need Water, Power, at least 7 industrial buildings and coal beneath the location.

  9. In addition to using coal to power your own facilities, you can also sell it on the Global Market via a trade depot.
  10. Coal shafts cost $25/h to upkeep after an initial purchase price of $14,000. They increase your rate of extraction by 24 tons a day. As with everything else it seems like, you can have up to 4 of these in one mine.
  11. The Coal Delivery Truck Garage functions in the same way as the Ore Delivery Truck Garage. It costs $10,000 andwill require $50/h in upkeep expenses.
  12. Yes, you can purchase a decorative sign for $200. If you don’t have anything else to spend your money on, that is..
  13. Smelting Factories will turn your raw ore into metal. If you have coal, you can make alloy.
  14. The modules you add to your Smelting Factory will determine what type of an alloy you can make. Both metal and alloy can be sold on the Global Market.
  15. A Smelting Factory will weigh down your wallet- they cost $54,500 to build (they are just rubbing that exta $500 in our face, huh?) and a whopping $300/hr to maintain. They produce 24 tones a day and will require a Smelting Devision modular, which you can build at a Metals HQ (we’ll get to that next!)>
  16. You can add an Alloy Furnace to your Smelting Factory for a price of $36,000 + $150/hr upkeep. If you can manage to scrounge one up, they will increase the alloy output by 24 tons a day. Limit of 4 per Smelting Factory.
  17. The Metal Furnace (yes, you guessed it) increases the METAL output of a Smelting Factory by 24 tons each day. Cost: $21,000. Upkeep fee: $50/hr. Synthesizing your own metal at a more efficient rate? PRICELESS.
  18. You can add Smelting Deliery Truck Garages to your Smelting Factories. They cost a pretty mellow $10,000, with $50/h upkeep and 4 being the max limit. These will be able to accommodate a delivery truck with a 5 ton capacity to deliver your finished products much faster.
  19. In order to build yourself Smelting Factories, you will have to make a Metals HQ . You can unlock these when you mine at least 96 tons or coal or ore in a single day. Oh, and when you have $37,500 to spend and are ready to drop another $450 per hour for the upkeep.
  20. A Metals HQ is very important for its Modules. Through the Smelting Division , you will be able to eventually build a Smelting Factory. They cost $200,000 to open and $400/hr to run. It’s a heavy investment.. don’t get too bummed if you can’t make it as soon as you’d want.
  21. You can also create an Engineering Division at the Metals HQ for the same price as the Smelting Division. These will eventually give you the ability to unlock an Advanced Coal Mine (we will get to these soon).
  22. The Commerce Division essentially serves the same function as the truck garages in your other establishments. They increase the export rates of Ore and Coal and cost the same amount to implement as the Engineering and Smelting Divisions.
  23. Even though the Commerce Division does not unlock the ability to build any other facilities, I would actually recommend unlocking it first for that reason. Once your export rates are up, you will be able to generate the income to build the other divisions much more efficiently.
  24. An Advanced Coal Mine will yield 96 tons per day. Once you have established an Engineering Division at your Metals HQ, you will be able to unlock an Advanced Coal Mine for $60,000 to $400/hr upkeep.
  25. If you add on an Advanced Coal Shaft, it will increase the rate of extraction by another 48 tons each day. The limit for these caps off at 8 per mine, giving you much more room for expansion. The cost of an advanced coal shaft, however, is $50,000 + $250/hr.
  26. A heavy Coal Delivery Truck Garage will enable a truck with 5 ton capacity to deliver coal faster. You can install these for $20,000 and $50/hr in upkeep. Unlike the Advanced Coal Shaft, the limit for these delivery trucks caps off at 4 even though you’ve upgraded your mine.

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3 Comments on SimCity 2013 Guide


On March 1, 2013 at 7:53 am

What are you talking about with “making a successful city is about as hard as any reasonable person might expect “?

The beta (1 and 2) were both childish easy, build over the complete xtra small maps in less than an hour, and also almost impossible to loose money. No challenge what so ever, even if you take _all_ the loans.
“oh wait it is just beta, wait for the final version” you say? Wrong! It is the same. With the economy working like you have infinite money there are no easy, medium or hard. It is just no challenge at all.

Fans of SC2000 – SC4 are in for a huge dissapointment, but fans of Farmville and The Sims will be overjoyed. And that is ok, just do not hope for some kind of advanced citybuilder.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On March 1, 2013 at 10:32 am


Oh wait, it is just beta, wait for the final version! … wait. I’m wrong?! How did you know.

This guide is, plainly, for people with no experience at all with the SimCity series. We’re not trying to claim it’s going to be harder than SC2000, or easier, or really making any value statement here. This isn’t a review. This isn’t a preview.

I’m sorry you’re unhappy with this turn in the series. Plenty of people are, you’re not alone there (Not on this site, for sure.) but the point of this guide is to teach newbies how to get their city started. It might seem easy, but you’d be surprised — there are lots of people with completely valid reasons for needing a bit of help. Hopefully, we can provide that.


On April 29, 2015 at 12:54 am

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