Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Line Limbo
  • Bedlam Beach
  • Archer Ambush
  • Glorious Gates
  • Sakura’s Solace
  • Pink Pursuit
  • Potion Panic
  • Guardian Gardens
  • Raiden’s Rampage
  • Murderous Moats
  • Hurricane Plain
  • Forsaken Flights
  • Fujin Falls
  • Lion’s Labyrinth
  • Chaos Canyon
  • Autumn Assault
  • Glassy Glacier
  • Avalanche Alley
  • Frozen Finale
  • End of the Line

  • Hurricane Plain

    This length missions pits Sakamoto against the green General with identical units. Each side of the battlefield is mirrored, with multiple rice paddies and Shrines to capture.

    Use the Salamander and Fox to make a heavy push across the river. Feeding these two units skulls – and protecting their shrines – will give the player a clear advantage.

    Place archers near the water, or capture the Salamander shrine in the first round, to shoot at enemies trying to capture the Salamander Shrine near the upper bridge.

    Guard the shrine in the lower bridge. Place infantry and assault across if the enemy’s Fox Monk is causing problems.

    Move a large force, bolstered by the northern Soldier Shrine, to draw out the green General’s group of soldiers. Bring cavalry to help deal with his large contingent of archers. Once enough of his side are dealt with, the General will awaken.

    Don’t move too quickly. To survive, don’t let the enemy kill soldiers and eat their skulls. The red army needs to capture rice, eat skulls, and upgrade troops to demonic form.

    Before assaulting the General’s large surrounding army, try summoning an Oni to keep the enemy busy. Play it safe, make smart moves, don’t over-extend and this mission can be won.

    Retreat to draw the enemy General across the water and awaken Sakamoto to win.

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