Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Line Limbo
  • Bedlam Beach
  • Archer Ambush
  • Glorious Gates
  • Sakura’s Solace
  • Pink Pursuit
  • Potion Panic
  • Guardian Gardens
  • Raiden’s Rampage
  • Murderous Moats
  • Hurricane Plain
  • Forsaken Flights
  • Fujin Falls
  • Lion’s Labyrinth
  • Chaos Canyon
  • Autumn Assault
  • Glassy Glacier
  • Avalanche Alley
  • Frozen Finale
  • End of the Line

  • Frozen Finale

    The battlefield is crawling with troops, Kurokawa even has his girlfriend the Goddess Yuko fighting for his side.

    Yuki doesn’t move. Instead, she shoots ice at any uncovered positions on the map. Bridges or areas bathed in dark blue light are vulnerable.

    Any unit hit with ice will freeze for a single turn. They aren’t damage by the attack, but they’re left completely vulnerable. Avoid those paths whenever possible!

    Capture the rice paddies right at the start, and move down the center to get the Monk Shrine and the Soldier Shrine. The bridge on the right is easy to defend, leave cavalry or infantry there to knock any intruders into the abyss below.

    Stand strong and fight incoming enemies. If possible, try to capture the paddies down the left path from the start. Reinforcements will keep coming from the left Soldier Shrine – use the General to help.

    Awaken the General once he has 12 health. That way, after eating three skulls, he’ll be at his maximum health of 18.

    Letting units get caught in Yuki’s ice trap is devastating. The only way to thaw them is with the Crow Monk’s gust, knocking them out of the area, or by blocking the unit with another unit.

    To win, capture as many rice paddies as possible. Grab the Monk Shrine and the Soldier Shrine to replenish Akamoto’s army, then awaken at 12 HP.

    Once you have a good foothold, defend and eat skulls to boost the red troops into demonic form. Eventually, Kurokawa will deplete his rice reserves. Kill his defenders, then prepare to defeat Yuki.

    Yuki is a tough nut to crack. Create a save game before attempting to assault her position.

    Yuki only takes 1 point a damage per hit from most units, or 2 against Salamanders, archers, or the General. But, if you can get one cavalry soldier close, the enemy General will awaken.

    Send two cavalry ahead to form a spirit wall and shield the rest of the incoming troops as they close in on Yuki. Follow behind with demonic Akamoto, archers, and hopefully a demonic Salamander.

    Take Yuki down. You only need one unit to shield everyone else. Stand behind him and form a line, slowly moving forward.

    Once Yuki is down, that just leaves the General. He should be no problem now that he doesn’t have his Goddess freezing Akamoto’s skeletal soldiers.

    Defeat Kurokawa, and the mission ends. But, there’s one final challenge to complete…

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