Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Line Limbo
  • Bedlam Beach
  • Archer Ambush
  • Glorious Gates
  • Sakura’s Solace
  • Pink Pursuit
  • Potion Panic
  • Guardian Gardens
  • Raiden’s Rampage
  • Murderous Moats
  • Hurricane Plain
  • Forsaken Flights
  • Fujin Falls
  • Lion’s Labyrinth
  • Chaos Canyon
  • Autumn Assault
  • Glassy Glacier
  • Avalanche Alley
  • Frozen Finale
  • End of the Line

  • End of the Line

    Time to fight the Shogun of the Dead! He doesn’t just have a massive army, but he can only be killed by a blow from Akamoto’s blade. That means Akamoto must deliver the killing blow.

    The entire enemy army is already demonic. That means every enemy gets two attacks per scroll. Kill them, and they won’t drop 3 skulls. Akamoto is totally out-classed, defend the starting position and try to keep the archers alive!

    Grab the Lion Shrines and rice paddies, then wait for the enemy to attack down the steps. Focus on bringing one of them down each turn.

    Hunker down, and prepare for a long fight. Try to capture the Monk Shrines whenever possible, but don’t expect to make much headway. Stick in tight groups, and stay the Lion Shrines. Use units to their very best.

    Place archers behind an ally to shoot at other archers, and target cavalry. Always pick off the archers or cavalry first, unless the infantry is running amok in Akamoto’s ranks.

    Awaken Akamoto once he has 12 HP. Start fighting, and start eating skulls. Eating skulls to get demonic units of your own is totally critical to winning this fight.

    It isn’t likely you’ll be able to get to the potion first. Watch out for enemies that drink potions, then kill and eat the skull to get those effects.

    Keep fighting a long, brutal battle of attrition. Wear them down until the Shogun’s bodyguards have to start coming down.

    Watch out for the Shogun and his closest soldiers. Their chilled blades can freeze your troops in a single hit. That includes Akamoto. Make archers or Salamander Monks demonic to help combat these devastating soldiers.

    Summon a Fox Monk to help keep Akamoto’s remaining troops alive, then work up to the yellow ponds and ledges. This is where the fight can get easier.

    Fighting around the ponds and ledges, stay in tight Spirit Walls. When enemies attack alone, the slippery ground adds knock-back, making it easy to score instant kills.

    Form a line ahead of Akamoto to avoid being frozen by the Shogun. Defeat the Shogun, and it’s game over.

    But! There’s still more to play. A final four missions will open-up in the PC edition, testing Akamoto’s mettle as the new Shogun of the Dead.

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