Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Line Limbo
  • Bedlam Beach
  • Archer Ambush
  • Glorious Gates
  • Sakura’s Solace
  • Pink Pursuit
  • Potion Panic
  • Guardian Gardens
  • Raiden’s Rampage
  • Murderous Moats
  • Hurricane Plain
  • Forsaken Flights
  • Fujin Falls
  • Lion’s Labyrinth
  • Chaos Canyon
  • Autumn Assault
  • Glassy Glacier
  • Avalanche Alley
  • Frozen Finale
  • End of the Line

  • Archer Ambush

    Here, you’ll learn how Soldier Shrines. What are shrines for? Summoning new infantry, cavalry, or archers!

    To use a Shrine, capture it by haunting with a unit. To summon – haunt rice paddies to earn currency. To haunt a rice paddy or shrine, move up and interact with any unit. The unit will stand still and haunt for one turn, leaving them vulnerable.

    So, to sum up; capture rice paddies to earn currency for shrines, which can summon new units. While haunting, a unit will be stuck in place and vulnerable for one turn.

    Once a paddy is haunted, the unit can leave while Akamoto gains +25 rice for up to 6 turns. But, there is a benefit to standing on haunted rice paddies – allies will recover +2 health per turn. Tasty!

    Capture the first two paddies, then move up around the rocks to find the blue enemy archer hiding in bamboo. Watch out; when hiding in bamboo, undead samurai are 20% harder to hit! But, they can be knocked back with cavalry or infantry.

    Archers in bamboo will always have a 80% chance-to-hit rating. In the orange circle, that drops down to 60%.

    For a smooth battle, shoot down the lone blue archer behind a Spirit Wall of two red infantry, then finish the guy off with cavalry.

    The remaining enemy archers and two infantry will break away from cover and come after Akamoto’s army. Stand fast and pelt the infantry with arrows to wear the enemy down. The blue infantry will get close first, then the blue archers.

    Look in the bamboo just left of the rock, around the lower edge. A green potion will appear! Drink it up; green potions give +1 health regeneration per turn, while red potions increase the attack stat by +2.

    If there’s a way to manage it, try to leave one enemy alive and attempt to move up to capture the Soldier Shrine, or even a few rice paddies.

    Once the enemy is cleared, two blue infantry units and two blue cavalry units will appear down the path to the right. Take the first turn to capture locations and form a defensive line – or eat all those left-over skulls!

    If the top and left rice paddies around the Soldier Shrine aren’t captured, the two blue cavalry will move in for it. Try to defeat at least one of those cavalry while they’re vulnerable, and get the archers to safe-ish positions inside bamboo or behind infantry/cavalry.

    Summon units by clicking the Soldier Shrine. There are numbers listing how much each unit costs to summon – summoning a unit costs an order scroll, and if there are any scrolls remaining on Akamoto’s turn, the summoned unit can be used right away.

    Use the rice paddies to heal between rounds, and summon new units from the Soldier Shrine to overwhelm those four bad-guy reinforcements.

    Keep it tight, and this mission should be a cinch.

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