Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Line Limbo
  • Bedlam Beach
  • Archer Ambush
  • Glorious Gates
  • Sakura’s Solace
  • Pink Pursuit
  • Potion Panic
  • Guardian Gardens
  • Raiden’s Rampage
  • Murderous Moats
  • Hurricane Plain
  • Forsaken Flights
  • Fujin Falls
  • Lion’s Labyrinth
  • Chaos Canyon
  • Autumn Assault
  • Glassy Glacier
  • Avalanche Alley
  • Frozen Finale
  • End of the Line

  • Sakura’s Solace

    A new land brings a new menace. General Romeoka’s purple army starts on one side of the rice paddies, while Akamoto’s begins on the other.

    Each side features tons of rice paddies, and a Soldier Shrine. Capture paddies and the Shrine in the first turn, and follow the cavalry’s advice – haunt the Fox Shrine above Akamoto’s army and protect it.

    Akamoto moves first, so Romeoka will move the next turn. The red army will already have their Shrines and paddies captured while the purples are haunting. Use this to ambush the still-haunting purples.

    A haunting unit cannot counter-attack, giving the reds an early edge if they move swiftly.

    The Fox Monk is a support unit that can heal in the heat of battle. Eating skulls will unlock new spells for the monk to cast, so consider feeding him a few.

    Cavalry have an addition – and very useful – function in fights like these. They range of movement allows them to run circles around the battlefield. Taking out Archers or single units, or capturing the enemy’s Fox Shrine or even Soldier Shrine.

    To win this battle, hit hard early with archers down the center lane while cavalry handles the Fox Shrines. Usually the AI will send archers or cavalry. Get in the first hit and those enemies won’t last long.

    Use infantry to block the archers, and work on wiping out as many soldiers from Romeoka’s army as possible. Cross the invisible half-way point, and Romeoka will awaken.

    Once awakened, Romeoka will rush into battle. Watch out, like General Akamoto, he can attack twice. Retreat and draw Romeoka closer to Akamoto (who should still be meditating). Leave a diversionary unit like cavalry to capture their shrine or paddies, or hide him on their side in the bamboo. The enemy will try to kill him (and probably succeed) while Romeoka moves forward.

    Once Romeoka is close enough, spring the trap. Send archers and an awoken General Akamoto to finish the samurai leader off.

    Summon plenty of cavalry or archers from the Soldier Shrine, or Infantry if the enemy general is close enough, to help wipe him out. Defeat Romeoka, and the battle is won.

    Capturing the enemy’s Fox Shrine is another useful tactic. The Fox Monk will revert to Akamoto’s side. Use the red fox to heal diversionary units or just stand still, forcing the enemy to deal with him. Likely, the red side won’t need two healers.

    Defeat the enemy general, and Akamoto can take one step closer to revenge.

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