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Welcome to the Dawnguard DLC cheats page. Here, we’ll scour everything new in Skyrim and list it below for your browsing convenience. Expect to find achievement guides, lists of collectible locations, explanations for finding secrets, and maybe even a cheat code or two. Keep with us as we constantly update with new content.

Survive with our Dawnguard walkthrough. For more information on vanilla Skyrim, that involves a lot more killing, check out our text and video walkthrough. For more hints, tips, and secrets, stop by the cheats page.

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Extra Content

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PC Console Item Codes

PC Console Spell Codes

Unlock Arvak the Skeleton Horse with the PC Console [Cheat]

Impatience of a Saint Quest Guide

Morrowind Easter Egg

How to Find the Best Weapons

How to Get Infinite Crossbow Bolts [Exploit]

How to Turn Your Spouse Into a Vampire

How to Find All 3 New Dragon Shouts

How to Become Arvak the Skeleton Horse [Glitch]

How to Find Arvak the Skeleton Horse

How to Change Your Face

How to Join the Volkihar Vampire Faction

How to Join the Dawnguard Faction

Vampire Lord Perks Tree

Werewolf Perks Tree


A New You (20 points):
Change Your Face

Awakening (20 points):
Complete “Awakening”

Beyond Death (20 points):
Complete “Beyond Death”

Kindred Judgement (40 points):
Complete “Kindred Judgment”

Lost To The Ages (30 points):
Complete “Lost To The Ages”

Soul Tear (20 points):
Learn All Three Words Of Soul Tear

Auriel’s Bow (20 points):
Use The Special Power Of Auriel’s Bow

Werewolf Mastered (20 points):
Acquire 11 Werewolf Perks

Vampire Mastered (20 points):
Acquire 11 Vampire Perks

Legend (40 points):
Defeat A Legendary Dragon

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3 Comments on Skyrim: Dawnguard – Cheats

Christopher Kandrat

On June 17, 2012 at 5:41 pm

This is great, was having some issue with a quest, some guides are like partially done, these ones are pretty darn excellent, Thanks Gamefront.


On July 9, 2012 at 4:20 pm

Vampire lord (how to have infinite Health, Magicka, Stamina)

Just use the old Alchemy + Enchantment glitch to make rings, necklaces, ect.
with the enchantments you want to transfer to your VL form.
Now get a follower that you can trade items with, attempt to use your VL
transformation and talk to them at the same time.
If done correctly you should be a VL while still being in the dialogue box.
Tell them you would like to trade, then go to your appearal and use the RT button
to equip any and all items with the desired enchantments (you can wear as many items as you like)

NOTE: sometimes your VL will appear to be nude, to fix this re-equip the item called “Vampire Lord Armor”
before exiting the trade menu.


On July 25, 2012 at 12:21 am

If you guys need anything tested, then just ask me and I will try it out
FYI I don’t do hacks or mods but I will try any cheats or exploits.