Skyrim Dragonborn: Karstaag Quest Guide (Bloodmoon Easter Egg)

The Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim is full of secrets, and here we’ll show you how to fight one very unique enemy. Deep in the snowy north of Solstheim, you can find a relic of Elder Scrolls’ past; the Skull of Karstaag.

Who or what is Karstaag? This Frost Giant was one of the final bosses in Bloodmoon, who lived in an ice fortress in at corner of the island. The king returns in this cool easter egg, and if you defeat him, you’ll even unlock a special power. Check out all the details right here.

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Karstaag Quest Guide & Bloodmoon Easter Egg

  • This hidden quest won’t appear in any journal. Completing it will grant you a special reward, and you’ll find some references to Bloodmoon.
  • Bloodmoon was the last big expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. In it, one of the final encounters was against the Frost Giant King Karstaag. This special creature returns in Dragonborn, and defeating him will earn you a unique power.
  • To begin this quest, travel north to the Glacial Cave in the northern part of Solstheim. The cave can be found north, and slightly west, of Benkongerike cave. Inside this small cave is a unique item called “Karstaag’s Skull”.
  • Take the skull, and travel to Castle Karstaag Ruins — located west and slightly south of the Glacial Cave. This castle can be found in the northeast section of Solstheim.
  • Once inside the ruins, place the Skull on the Throne to summon Karstaag for one final battle.
  • Karstaag is a unique Frost Giant enemy, and he’s very tough. He is a powerful melee fighter that can throw the player across the chamber, and features a constant ice aura that saps health and stamina.
  • Do enough damage to him, and he’ll summon Ice Wraiths to help. In addition, the chamber will constantly shake during the battle.
  • When defeated, you’ll gain the power “Summon Karstaag” which does just what the name implies. Karstaag is an incredibly powerful ally, but there is one special drawback. This power can only be used three times total.

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