Skyrim – Free Spell Tome Locations

The Spell Tomes in Skyrim don’t come cheap. The thrifty adventurer will want to cut corners wherever he/she can, and one simple solution is to find Spell Tomes yourself. Sadly, most of these magical books appear randomly throughout the world, but there are a handful of spells you’ll find time and time again, always in the same locations. Plan ahead, don’t spend your gold on these spells when you can get them for free.

Excited and want to give these spells a try yourself, but too scared to wander the cold mountains of Skyrim alone? We have a solution for you; Game Front’s text and video walkthrough. For more special content with links to codes, secrets, glitches, exploits, and guides, browse over to the cheats page.

Free Spell Tome Locations

  • Sparks: Find this spell in Helgen Keep, during the Lockpicking tutorial. Successfully picking the cage will reveal a dead wizard. Loot the body to find this Spell Tome.
  • Bound Bow: Find this spell in Fort Amol, located northeast of Ivarstead. The spell itself is in the prison, inside a bucket. The bucket contains a lantern, to find the spell you’ll need to pick up the lantern and spin the bucket to dump the Spell Tome to the floor.
  • Clairvoyance: Find this spell in Embershard Mine, located southwest of Riverwood. After lowering the first bridge in the mine, search for a small room containing the tome.
  • Transmute: Find this spell in Halted Stream Camp, located northwest of Whitewatch Tower.
  • Raise Zombie: Find this spell in Fellglow Keep, located east-northeast of Whiterun. Entering the dungeons, find the tome where you encounter two necromancers.
  • Flames: Find this spell in Labyrinthian, southeast of Morthal in Hjaalmarch. Inside the dungeon, you’ll need to pass through a door of ice. The tome is always located nearby to let any players pass the ice door.
  • Frostbite: Find this spell in Mzulft, a Dwemer Ruin in the far north of Riften, on the left face of the mountains. You’ll be sent to this location during “The Staff of Magnnus” quest. In one room, you’ll need this spell to solve a puzzle — the Spell Tome will always be near this puzzle, with another bonus random Spell Tome with it.

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