The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Walkthrough

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Side Quests

Forbidden Legend

  1. Once you have the Forbidden Legend quest, travel to Folgunthur, located southeast of Solitude.
  2. Go to the abandoned camp site just outside Folgunthur.
  3. Find and read Daynas Valen Journal in one of the tents.
  4. Enter Folgunthur.
  5. Beware the pressure stones in the floor throughout Folgunthur, marked with a rune. The first one is just beyond the entrance, at the bottom of the stairs.
  6. Move through the first Nordic Puzzle room, which has already been solved, to the exit on the other side.
  7. Dodge another pressure stone in the floor, which triggers a fire trap.
  8. Fight your way through and into a large banquet hall.
  9. Move towards the side of the banquet hall opposite the entrance, but beware the metal grate in the floor.
  10. Walk up the spiral staircase to a balcony overlooking the banquet hall.
  11. Find and loot Daynas Valen’s body for Daynas Valen’s Notes, and an Ivory Dragon Claw.
  12. Read Daynas Valen’s Notes.

Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Folgunthur

  1. Use the Ivory Dragon Claw to lower the drawbridge, and take out the two Draugr on the other side.
  2. Follow the passage through a Draugr crypt, dodging another pressure stone/spear trap, and into another puzzle.
  3. Activate the right-front lever.
  4. Activate the left-rear lever.
  5. Follow the passage down some steep steps, watching out for falling rocks, to a wooden door.
  6. Open the door, kill the Draugr in the room, and face the next puzzle.
  7. Note that you’re standing in a room with a grate in the floor, blocking off a wooden staircase leading down. The object is to open the grate to access the stairs.
  8. Go into the open room on the right-hand side, kill Draugr.
  9. Inspect the stone heads with the animal glyphs in their mouths.
  10. Go the the closed room on the left-hand side of the grate room.
  11. Activate the lever next to the throne to open the door.
  12. Inspect the three pillars in this room.
  13. Activate the pillars until their glyphs mirror the glyphs in the other room. Starting at the door and working back, set them to Snake, Whale, Hawk.
  14. Pull the chain hanging from the wall in the grate room, and the grate will open.
  15. Follow the steps down into a slightly-flooded passage. Note the spider webs along the walls.
  16. Draw out the two Frostbite Spiders from hiding, and kill ‘em.
  17. Pass through the doors and into a hall of coffins, where the lights suddenly go out and the doors slam shut. It’s a trap!
  18. Defeat the draugr here and the lights come back on, revealing another Nordic Puzzle door.
  19. Set the outer ring to Hawk.
  20. Set the middle ring to Hawk.
  21. Set the inner ring to Dragon.
  22. Use the Ivory Dragon Claw to open the door and enter into Folgunthur Crypt.
  23. Battle the risen Mikrul Gauldurson and his Draugr Thralls in the crypt main chamber.
  24. Focus your attacks on Mikrul; when he dies (again), so will the Thralls.
  25. Beware Mikrul’s sword, the Gauldur Blackblade, as its Absorb Health enchantment heals Mikrul each time it hits.
  26. Loot Mikrul for the Blackblade, a Writ of Sealing, and the first Gauldur Amulet Fragment.
  27. Use the Ivory Dragon Claw to open the spear-blocked stairway leading up to a Word Wall with the Word of Power: Frost Breath.
  28. Walk southeast from the Word Wall to and through an iron door and down a secret passage hidden by a sarcophagus lid, bringing you back into the banquet hall.
  29. Use the Iron Claw in the first Nordic Puzzle Room just before the main entrance to open a secret door and reveal a hidden chest, and then leave Folgunthur.

Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Geirmund’s Hall

  1. Travel to Ivarstead and go due east from there to get to Geirmund’s Hall.
  2. Enter Geirmund’s Hall.
  3. Crush the two Skeevers just below the ledge in the main room.
  4. Drop down into the large sinkhole here. No worries, there’s water down there.
  5. Swim over to the far end of this room, look underwater, and locate the submerged doorway.
  6. Swim down and through the submerged doorway to find a chest. Quickly loot it and swim back out before you start taking damage.
  7. Climb out of the water and up to an iron door. Can you hear them skittering on the other side?
  8. Kill the two Frostbite Spiders beyond the iron door.
  9. Follow the passage down into a flooded crypt, being careful to dodge the pressure stone / dart trap.
  10. Slay the four dormant Draugr in the crypt.
  11. Return to the top of the steps that lead into this crypt, and take note of the solution to the Nordic Puzzle. On your left are Hawk and Whale; on your right are Whale and Snake.
  12. Activate the pillars within the crypt to match the figures above the stairs: Hawk and Whale for the ones along the left-hand wall, Whale and Snake for the ones along the right-hand wall.
  13. Pull the lever to open the portcullis and gain entrance into a large open room.
  14. Head directly for the altar with the remains of Lord Geirmund.
  15. Take the key that rests in his shrivelled hand, loot his corpse, and read his epitaph.
  16. Use the key to open the iron door close by.
  17. Follow the passage past an Arcane Enchanter and up to the drawbridges extending from the central pillar.
  18. Don’t pull that lever! It activates a spear trap.
  19. Look to your immediate right and up, and activate the real lever to lower the bridge.
  20. Activate another lever on the central pillar walkway to lower the other half of the bridge. Fight.
  21. Follow this passage along, carefully skirting the pressure stone / swinging blade trap to get to the main tomb room.
  22. Battle Sigdis Gauldurson and his two dopplegangers, focusing your attacks on the real Sigdis: the one not glowing blue.
  23. Beware Sigdis’ Gauldur Blackbow and its Drain Magicka enchantment.
  24. Kill Sigdis to cause his dopplegangers to vanish, and open the exit door behind his coffin.
  25. Loot Sigdis for the Gauldur Blackbow, a Writ of Sealing, and a Gauldur Amulet Fragment.
  26. Loot the chest on your way out of Geirmund’s Hall.

Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Saarthal

  1. Complete the College of Winterhold quests First Lessons and Under Saarthal.
  2. Once you have the final Gauldur Amulet Fragment in hand, make your way to Markath, on the far western side of Skyrim.
  3. From Markath, Reachwater Rock is your next destination, a good distance east from Markath.
  4. Head into Reachwater Rock through the main entrance located behind the waterfall there.
  5. Loot the dead adventurer for the Ancient Edict and the Emerald Dragon Claw.
  6. Nordic Puzzle Door #1: Bear (outer ring), Whale (middle ring), Snake (inner ring).
  7. Nordic Puzzle Door #2: Hawk (outer ring), Hawk (middle ring), Dragon (inner ring).
  8. Enter the main chamber and go to the far (northwest) end, where you see three small Amulet Pedestals.
  9. Activate each Pedestal to place an Amulet Fragment onto it.
  10. Re-fight and re-slay the three Gauldurson Brothers. They only attack one at a time, so make use of the full room to your advantage against them.
  11. Once they are defeated, watch as they gather back on the ledge, and are surprised and successfully vanquished by a blast of magic from behind them.
  12. Continue watching as a spectral figure arises from a sarcophagus, and weaves a blast of magic that joins the three Amulet Fragments into the single Gauldur Amulet.
  13. Take the Gauldur Amulet to complete the Forbidden Legend quest line!

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Hold down z for a few seconds he will say the second word, the next shout you learn you will need to equip the shout.


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hit ~ and enter: player.additem a 9999


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