Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey Stealth-Disses BF3 Sniper Mechanics

Now that Modern Warfare 3 is out and likely to trounce Battlefield 3 handily, the instant hit’s developer seems pretty confident, enough at least to call out the competition for its weaknesses. Snarking that “You’re not going to be sniped by a guy you can’t even see”, Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey dissected BF3′s sniping, and rightly so, given the many complaints about that aspect of the game. The comments came during an interview with the Official Xbox Magazine, in which Condrey discussed sniping and multiplayer in great detail.

When it was pointed out that MW3 maps seem much less friendly to snipers than BF3, Condrey said:

Well, first of all there’s different ways of playing as a Sniper, based on skill level I guess you could say, or your intentions in a team player. So for example if you’ve got a guy who’s really highly skilled , he knows how to Quickscope. Those guys know how to handle themselves in close range combat, and on Underground close range combat is what you’re generally going to run into. But if you’re one of those Snipers that runs Scavenger Pro, sort of stands at the back and hard-scopes and holds their breath… I’m not sure that’s what you want to be rocking on that map, Underground as you said. But yeah.

He added a little later that “I think that the person who plays the sniper on a team can have a ton of fun, but one of the biggest criticisms you always hear is about campers, right? We don’t want to emphasise that dynamic so much that the other people in that engagement aren’t having fun. We have less verticality in our maps, there are less camping points. And so the challenge for Snipers is to hang back on the perimeter or the periphery and pick people off – the maps aren’t set up to really capitalise on that, by intention.”

Good stuff, but the full quote from the top is “”Unlike other games, where you’re going to be sniped from across the map by a guy you can’t even see, and then respawn and you’ve got to run for five minutes to get back to the battle, right? That’s not the Modern Warfare 3 method. This is about getting you in the action, you’re pulling the trigger fast, you know what I mean? That’s the essence of it.” I can attest in my experience in MW3 that yes, there are some maps that are maybe a bit too large for certain types of multiplayer, especially if you’re playing with a small group. But enough about me. Those of you who’ve played both BF3 and MW3, what do you think? Is sniping improved in MW3 or are they just different experiences? Let us know in comments.

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5 Comments on Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey Stealth-Disses BF3 Sniper Mechanics


On November 8, 2011 at 9:11 pm

With Battlefield you have to account for bullet drop and travel time, so often times you have to calculate in your head where the bullet might go since there is bullet drop and travel time so when you do get a head shot from a really long range its vary satisfying, often times when you find a good camp site the action can really kick up as you try to pick off the horde of players on the other team trying to kill your team.

As for MW none of that really gos into account now I have not played the new one but I own the past couple released and it has always been kind of boring, you shoot and get a couple kills and the only enjoyment is seeing a kill streak happen so you can use one of those abilities for a supply drop or calling in a bomb run, everything else is just blah.

I couldn’t find any good youtube videos of sniping for bf3 that are not beta vids so I might report back here later on with my own.

Anthony S

On November 8, 2011 at 10:09 pm

Yeah… this article clearly explains why precisely I HATE sniping in MW3… and why they shouldn’t even have put sniper rifles in the game. What a joke! I’m not a BF fanboy, but they know exactly what is enjoyable and fun when it comes to sniping. In fact, although it is more arcade than real life, I think it’s the most fun sniping I have ever had in any video game ever… ever. Again, it amazes me how Activision can make so much money on such a washed up worthless franchise.


On November 9, 2011 at 2:30 am

Damn how did I end up saying bullet drop and travel time twice in my first post, but encase you guys missed it there’s bullet drop and travel time with bf3.

Ron Whitaker

On November 9, 2011 at 6:45 am

I laugh at this. Quickscoping? What a joke. The very essence of being a sniper is lying atop a vantage point far away and bring ing pain and fea to your enemies.

A great sniper can swing a battle in favor of your team in BF3. Just like in real life, snipers aren’t just there to shoot people; they’re also valuable sources of information. By spotting enemies, locating vehicles and relaying that info to their team, a good sniper can literally counter an effective strategy by the other team singlehandedly.

Obviously, if you have a pile of snipers and no one taking flags, you can’t win, but a small number of quality snipers who know their role as part of the team are a HUGE asset.

Not sure how that’s a negative.

Craig N

On November 9, 2011 at 10:26 am

“So for example if you’ve got a guy who’s really highly skilled , he knows how to Quickscope.”

I didn’t know a broken mechanic that encourages improper use of sniper rifles was considered a skill. Ron has it right. Snipers are -supposed- to be somewhere you can’t see them, and snipers are SUPPOSED to be on a far off vantage point. Anything else simply defeats the purpose of it even BEING sniping.

These developers need to take a long hard look at what snipers really do, instead of trying to justify their “OMG EZMOAD” game.