Sleeping Dogs DLC Infiltrating Consoles, PC In October

Finally, some actual content-based DLC is coming for the Square Enix’s surprisingly wonderful GTA clone Sleeping Dogs. The details are scant, but the first major packet is the Street Racer Pack, which as you guess adds a few more races to the game. Based on dialogue from the trailer, it’s possible that these races come with some kind of plot attached to them. That said, the dialogue also sounds like lines from the shipped version of the game (I am embarrassed to admit I can’t quite remember), so it’s also just as likely to have been simply there for ambiance. Either way, the street races were my least favorite thing about Sleeping Dogs, so I’m much more interested in the SWAT Pack, which will add 20 new cop missions to the game.

If you haven’t yet played Sleeping Dogs (you should, by the by), cop missions revolve around assisting a Hong Kong PD task force with several unsolved cases. The officer in charge of the task force is unwillingly read into officer Shen’s undercover operation, and her interactions with Shen during cop missions provide interesting story and character development that the main story missions somewhat omit. They’re also an awesome break from the increasing bleakness of the main story, reminding you that, yes, you’re an undercover cop. More of them will be good for the game.

Of course, what I really want to see is a correction of the criminal under-use of the voice cast, particularly the girlfriends you’ll acquire. Girlfriend characters blip in and out with little impact on the game, which wouldn’t be a big deal except WHY DID YOU HIRE EMMA STONE FOR WHAT AMOUNTS TO 15 MINUTES OF GAME TIME? WHY DID YOU WASTE STEPH SONG? Cough sputter gasp. Anyway, the point is that they really should have done more with the game’s fantastic voice talent. So, please, develop these ancillary characters, mk?

Anyway, the new DLC is coming in October (TBA); here’s the trailer.

One note: Square Enix will be announcing the first official story-based DLC on October 14. While I expect it will take place within the game, I hope it comes after the main story concludes. It’s probably obvious I loved it, but the final cutscene that ends the story should have been a playable mission. I’d love for that mistake to be cleared up with post-game missions that expand on what happens after [REDACTED SPOILER]. Anyway, did any of you play Sleeping Dogs? I’d love to know what you think of the game. Just because, you know, I crave validation. Sound off in comments.

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2 Comments on Sleeping Dogs DLC Infiltrating Consoles, PC In October


On September 23, 2012 at 9:59 pm

I validate your not so subtle excitement over Sleeping Dogs. I immensely enjoyed the game, especially the kung fu and the main storyline. This was my first sandbox where I felt distracted by the side missions, because I couldn’t wait to play more of the story missions. Yay for more story-based DLC and I totally agree about the under-use of the stellar voice cast.


On September 24, 2012 at 5:25 pm

My only hope is it fixes a major f___ up. Something I never saw one reviewer have the balls to say( least I never saw one, could be wrong). A big a__ lie to the public. Drum roll please, lack of arrow key mapping. They flat out lied, saying we had mappable keys. BS! There are a number of big time keys not mappable. I know people out there say that it’s just wrong to use the arrow keys. Don’t care. There are many thousands of us arrow key users still out there. It’s what I’ve used for many, many years and I sure as —– won’t change now. They’ve had major complaints on there web site.
Bonehead Dev’s. We need a fix real soon. I got the game and haven’t touched it since I found out I couldn’t use my keys. Please, I’m begging you. Don’t leave us hanging.