Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare In North Point Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Chinese Magic
  • Smiley Cat’s Army
  • Clean out the Rats
  • Revenge X2
  • Ghosts of the Past
  • Smiley Cat
  • Intro

    1. It’s a foreboding night in Hong Kong, and the Jiang Shi of legend are running amok in the market. Things start quickly, Wei’s girlfriend is kidnapped by a ghostly specter and runs off. Don’t let him get away, follow the green flames through the market.

    2. Watch for the green flames on the ground if you ever lose track of your target. Hold down sprint, and remember to tap the sprint button whenever you near a closed gate to make a smooth jump. If you simply hold the button, or press it more than once, or too late, Wei will stumble.

    3. The ghostly figure will lead you to a captured Uncle Salty. Once you reach Salty Crab, Chinese ghost zombie vampires will raise up and attack.

    4. These are the Jiang Shi, hopping vampires that just want to suck your blood. They’re entirely new enemies, with new abilities and fighting styles. You’ll learn how to defeat them soon, but right now you lack Face.

    5. When fighting the Jiang Shi, try to counter as they go for a grab. Often, you’ll need to wait for the vampires to actually grapple you before hitting counter to stop their bite.

    6. The best way to take down these vampires is with a grapple. Hit them with a heavy combo – any string of strikes ending with a heavy strike will suffice. Hit them enough, and they’ll be staggered.

    7. Staggered, or stunned vampires will have a swirling white circle over their heads. This is your chance to take them out instantly. Grapple a stunned vampire for an instant kill.

    8. Avoid trying to grapple these vampires at this stage. Grappling a vampire will usually result in a bite-counter.

    9. That’s enough strategy! Beat down these vampires with strikes and heavy strikes until they’re stunned, then grapple to finish them off. Defeat all four to save Uncle Salty.

    10. When Salty is saved, the ghostly figure will make a break for it. Chase him through the busy market streets! Once again, just watch the ghostly green footprints, or watch the red objective marker over the ghost.

    11. The ghost will lead you to another captured man. Crush four more vamps, and talk to the man to get another lead.

    12. Talk to the man to learn the ghost’s name, “Smiley Cat”, and you’ll get another objective. Head to the green marker to confront this escaped soul.

    13. The marker is just up ahead. You’ll enter an indoor space where Not Ping is being held by Smiley Cat. Inside, you’ll find a new environmental trap.

    14. Just to the left and behind where you start, you can find a burning barrel. Grapple a vampire and run toward the barrel to instantly kill vampires. These barrels can be used infinitely, but the vampires can quickly escape your grapples.

    15. Another note; make sure you only perform standing grapples on the stunned vampires. A running grapple will not net you an instant defeat.

    16. Crush four more vampires, and Smiley Cat will escape with Not Ping. That completes the mission, and you’ll move onto the next job.

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