Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare In North Point Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Chinese Magic
  • Smiley Cat’s Army
  • Clean out the Rats
  • Revenge X2
  • Ghosts of the Past
  • Smiley Cat
  • Chinese Magic

    1. The streets are now covered in Hungry Ghosts. Not all ghosts want to fight, many will simply go about their business as usual – but, some of these ghosts will attack you on sight.

    2. On the streets, cars will explode randomly in the chaos. Try not to get blown up!

    3. Leave the marketplace and return to the Golden Koi. Just outside, civilian ghosts will attack, and you’ll get a chance to see how easy these enemies are. Wipe the floor with them, and continue upstairs to speak with the ghost of Vincent.

    4. Leave through the backdoor in the kitchen to see what’s going on outback. You’ll come face to face with a demon – a Yaoguai.

    5. Demons are difficult enemies, and at this point they’re completely unbeatable. Keep your distance, and counter when the demon tries to pounce on you. Don’t try to attack it, as it’ll immediately disappear and reappear behind Wei.

    6. Keep fighting the demon until Uncle Salty yells at you. Run back upstairs and climb up the green tarps to speak with Salty, he’ll give you insight into fighting the demons.

    7. After the talk, you’ll reappear outside the Golden Koi. Jump into a nearby car, and ghost-Vincent will appear to talk to you. Follow your green objective to the Apothecary to figure out how to make magic tea.

    8. At the Apothecary, you’ll find four more vamps. Fight all four, or grapple and throw each into the nearby burning barrel.

    9. Now, talk to the Lau, he’ll send you to find the three ingredients he needs. First up is Ghost Pepper. Get back into your car and drive to the destination on your map.

    10. Stop near the alleys and run to the rooftops to find the house with Ghost Pepper. A vampire shows up after picking the pepper. Defeat the vamp, and be on your way back to a car.

    11. At the next location, talk to the shopkeeper. He’ll ask you to beat up two punks across the street. Beat them up, and return to the shopkeep to get your egg.

    12. Last up is Antifreeze. At the garage, you’ll face off against 18k goons armed with blade weapons. This’ll be one of the harder fights this early. You’ll want to disarm a thug to get his weapon, and look out for the grappler.

    13. Defeat enough of the 18k, and you’ll have vampires on your case. Use the weapons left behind by the thugs to help stun the vampires and finish them off with a grapple. Once they’re clear, take the Antifreeze and return to the Apothecary.

    14. Talking to the apothecary will reward you with Magic Face! Once you beat up enough enemies, you’ll enter an enhanced combat state, allowing you to quickly take out ghosts, vampires and demons. In fact, you can only hurt the demon when your fists light up with blue flame.

    15. Get yourself back to the Golden Koi and exit through the kitchen backdoor again to face the demon for a second time.

    16. Fill your Face Meter by fighting the vampires, then you’ll be able to damage the demon. Grapple the demon to deliver a powerful attack, but otherwise you’ll just want to get nuts with strikes and heavy strikes.

    17. Vampires will continue to respawn until the demon is defeated. Fight the vampires until your Face Meter is full, then attack the demon until it’s defeated. Clear out the vampires, and the mission will complete, beginning the true meat of this mini-campaign.

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