Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare In North Point Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Chinese Magic
  • Smiley Cat’s Army
  • Clean out the Rats
  • Revenge X2
  • Ghosts of the Past
  • Smiley Cat
  • Smiley Cat’s Army

    1. Now, you can return to your North Point apartment and sleep.

    2. At the apartment entrance, you can find a Wooden Sword – a powerful weapon against ghosts, vampires, and even demons. With the sword equipped, you can damage the demons even when your Face Meter is not filled.

    3. Also, near your apartment entrance there’s a Hell Shrine. These shrines are scattered around North Point, and power-up your magic abilities. The more Hell Shrines you use, the more often your heavy strikes will set enemies on fire.

    4. On the regular map, you can now find side-quests like captured civilians, Hell Portals, and demon appearances. Completing these quests will reward you with a new sword, and either a new set of clothes or a new car you can access in any parking lot.

    5. At the beaches, you’ll be able to start the mission. Before stepping on the green marker, be sure to use the Hell Shrine nearby a wooden boat.

    6. As the mission begins, you’ll have to fight a gang of Possessed 18k. These enemies, compared to vampires, are pretty simple to take care of. They fight just like regular thugs, except for two Brawlers mixed in. Wipe them all out, and Uncle Salty will arrive, helping you chase down Smiley Cat.

    7. Chase the 18k car down, he’ll lead you under the highway where more 18k Possessed Thugs are waiting. They’ll come armed with knives, but your Fists of Fire and Face Meter help make these battles much easier.

    8. You’ll be introduced to a new element, the Jiang Shi Energy Source. These glowing blue portals will constantly spawn vampires, keeping a consistent group of four in the fight.

    9. To close these portals, stand near the center of these glowing sources and then grapple the vamps as they get near. Immediately press the grapple button again to throw the Jiang Shi back into their energy source.

    10. Throw three vamps into their energy source to close the portals completely, then you’ll only need to take care of the last vampires. Grapple and throw them into the nearby burning barrels to make the rest of the fight trivial.

    11. A demon will appear next. Once the portal is closed, a Wooden Sword will spawn, grab it to get in some easy hits against the demon. Built up your Face Meter to full, beat up the demon, then clear out the last of the vampires to complete the mission.

    12. Now, you’ll have to deal with three resurrected enemies from Wei’s misadventures in Hong Kong. You’ll have a choice of two missions, but we’ll take care of Ratface first.

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