Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare In North Point Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Chinese Magic
  • Smiley Cat’s Army
  • Clean out the Rats
  • Revenge X2
  • Ghosts of the Past
  • Smiley Cat
  • Smiley Cat

    1. This is it, the final showdown! Go to the Temple where Smiley Cat and Not Ping are waiting.

    2. At the temple, Monks are already in combat with the Hopping Ghosts. Run up the steps to the main grounds to initiate the confrontation.

    3. Not Ping is being held above the temple, and Smiley Cat is ready to send his undead army after Wei! This begins a grueling battle with multiple waves. Hang tight, because you’ll just have to try and survive.

    4. There are multiple environmental objects that’ll help you win this fight. Don’t forget to build your Face Meter, once it’s charged you’ll regain your health while you’re powered up.

    5. During the first wave, you’ll have to close an Energy Source. You know what to do – stand in the center of the energy, and grapple the vampires as they hop near. Then, grapple and tap the grapple button quickly again to dump the vampire into the swirling blue energy.

    6. Once the Energy Source is closed, a Wooden Sword will spawn. Don’t pick it up if you’ve already powered up, save those Swords when you need to refill your Face Meter.

    7. After the vampires are defeated, Smiley Cat will possess a Monk. These Monks can counter your attacks, so it’s best to let them attack first. Wait for them to glow red, then counter. Follow up with a heavy strike combo, then back off and repeat the process until the Monk is no longer possessed.

    8. Next, a demon with four vampires will appear. Now, you’ll want to use those environmental objects to help build your Face Meter and defeat the demon. The gongs on both sides of the arena can be used as often as you like – keep using them to instantly defeat vampires and quickly increase your Face Meter.

    9. Once the demon’s remaining summoned vampires are defeated, another Energy Source will appear outside the main pathway, to the right of the entrance. Run over there and close that portal, there’s nothing to make this one more difficult than usual.

    10. Smiley Cat will then possess another Monk. Just like the last Monk, he can counter your strikes. Don’t bother attacking first, wait for him to attack, then counter. Once you counter, he’ll be stunned long enough for you to combo.

    11. Defeat the Monk, and another demon will appear. This is the last fight before you need to deal with Smiley Cat.

    12. Once the last demon is dealt with, and his minions are gone, Smiley Cat will appear with his own set of vampire minions. He’ll bring more than four vampires, but he can be hurt without a full Face Meter.

    13. Smiley Cat fights like a difficult Brawler, he’ll dodge and counter your grapples, but a good heavy strike will stagger him. Use your Face Meter to really hurt Smiley Cat, and ignore the minions. Once Smiley Cat is defeated, the mission will end.

    14. Congratulations, you’ve saved Hong Kong from the Jiang Shi menace!

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked – I Can Has Banishment (50 points / Silver): Banish Smiley Cat.

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