Sleeping Dogs: The Zodiac Tournament Walkthrough

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Zodiac Tournament

Welcome to Zodiac Island. Your first order of business is taking the stairs up ahead to enter the Temple in the center of the island. But, there’s something you’ll want to see first.

Just ahead, to your right, you’ll find a shrine with a collectible item. There are 11 Fire Opal Statues around the island. Find all 12, and you’ll gain special new moves and bonuses.

After collecting the statue, run up the steps toward the orange waypoint. Past the first landing, look left for a path off the steps. There’s a gate, but keep turning left to find a small building with two men training. Enter through the metal gate to find a second Fire Opal Statue.

Continue up the steps to reach a cutscene. After the introduction, you’ll need to speak with the other fighters. There’s a marker over each of them, just check your map and look for characters with chat bubbles over their heads.

Talk to a handful of fighters – you don’t need to talk to them all. Once you’ve spoken to three of them, the Tournament Master will appear at the Temple’s entrance. Speak with him to continue, or finish talking to the rest of the scattered fighters first.

Travel left of the temple to find another small building with an unlocked gate. Grab the Fire Opal Statue inside before continuing on.

Beware! Talking to the big thug in the left corner will initiate a fight. This brawler is best fought by countering his attack, then going into a combo while he’s open.

When you talk to the Tournament Master, the first round of combat will begin.

Wei will appear in a bloody chamber surrounded by rich fans. There are four thugs inside, itching to beat you down.

The first wave is fairly simple. Just remember to counter and combo, and these four won’t be an issue.

Don’t miss out on the powerful environmental hazard in the center of the arena. Grab a bad guy and walk him into the grill in the center to defeat him instantly.

Using the grill hazard will also spout flame from four holes in the arena. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch an enemy standing over one of these fire spouts, defeating them instantly.

With each round, more enemies will appear. By the third round, you’ll have to deal with Grapplers. If you don’t remember, they’re fat thugs that can’t be grabbed. They’re your biggest threat, save up your Face Meter – when it’s full, go all out on the Grapplers.

Once you’ve defeated all three rounds, you’ll move onto the next mission.

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1 Comment on Sleeping Dogs: The Zodiac Tournament Walkthrough

Love Puff

On December 19, 2012 at 3:53 pm

There’s no achievements for this DLC. For 400 points it’s still not bad, gives you a new island etc, but I have to question the validity of labelling this the second single player content pack. There’s already smaller packs with extra missions etc that don’t add achievements so it’s not like Nightmare on North Point which is a standalone spin-off story with its own achievements, menus and identity. Annoyingly, Steam users DO have achievements for this pack, but PS3 and 360 owners were shagged in the arse with a splintered broomhandle. Shame on Square.