Sleeping Dogs: The Zodiac Tournament Walkthrough

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To start the next mission, go to the waypoint to the right of the temple.

On the way there, grab another Fire Opal Statue down the path, near the rock wall, before turning right and moving to the gates.

Down the steps past the waypoint, look for a path to your right. Through the rocky side-path is another Fire Opal Statue.

The path to the next arena is treacherous. You’ll need to jump over rocks, climb up to the bridge, and jump across the gap with the hanging man. Too bad you can’t save him. Continue toward the orange marker.

Past the marker, a trap will pop out of the ground! Jump it, and continue on, looking left of the path for an opening. The opening leads down into a lower area with yet another Fire Opal Statue. Take it, and climb back up to the main path.

Ahead, there are two more traps to avoid and a small river to cross. Ahead, you’ll need to use the wooden cliffside bridge to reach a cave, cross another bridge, and you’ll finally near the arena.

Past a few more traps is the entrance to the arena, through an unlocked gate.

This is a length fight, so come prepared. Look around – you’ll find two types of environmental hazards. The spikes around the corners of the arena, and the gong. Use both types of hazards to thin out the weaker enemies easily and gain some quick Face.

This battle will also involve Brawlers. These tougher fighters do more damage, and make your life trickier with their more frequent guards. But, they can still be grabbed. Pick them out by their brown face-covering masks.

Defeat enough opponents, including the yellow-clad contestants, and the main threat will appear. The special fighter in white/red shorts is a problem.

The boss doesn’t go down easily, and he’ll guard everything you throw at him. Don’t let him grab you, or he’ll pull off multiple damaging attacks.

Also, don’t try to grab him. It won’t work. Instead, you’ll want to counter or break through his guard with power attacks. Hold down the attack button to break through his guard.

Running power-kicks will also break through his guard and give you an opening to strike. But, it’s best to weave around him and counter when he flashes red.

Once he’s open to attack, just keep wailing on him until he’s stunning. When stunning, grab him and attack once to enter a special QTE. Keep hitting attack until he’s down for good.

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1 Comment on Sleeping Dogs: The Zodiac Tournament Walkthrough

Love Puff

On December 19, 2012 at 3:53 pm

There’s no achievements for this DLC. For 400 points it’s still not bad, gives you a new island etc, but I have to question the validity of labelling this the second single player content pack. There’s already smaller packs with extra missions etc that don’t add achievements so it’s not like Nightmare on North Point which is a standalone spin-off story with its own achievements, menus and identity. Annoyingly, Steam users DO have achievements for this pack, but PS3 and 360 owners were shagged in the arse with a splintered broomhandle. Shame on Square.