Sleeping Dogs: The Zodiac Tournament Walkthrough

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Helping Hand

The next mission points you toward the beach. You’ll reappear in the central Temple, just run toward the orange marker to find the gate with the path leading down toward the beach.

Left of the marker, you can grab another Fire Opal Statue if you haven’t already. Otherwise, run through the gate left of the temple and down the jungle path.

The path is fairly uneventful. Travel down, and don’t sprint, and you’ll be able to avoid the few traps in your way.

Down the steps to the beach, Little Fu will call you over and offer some tea. Before you take it, check an alcove to her left to find another Fire Opal Statue.

Now it’s time to accept the tea. But! It’s a trick! You’ll be drugged, and a boat will drop off some thugs to take you out. Fight the two goons and Grappler before following the path on the right side of the beach toward the arena proper.

Your vision will get worse as you travel through the jungle path toward the next waypoint. But, keep your eyes right as you pass two guards. There’s another side-path with a Fire Opal Statue path them, at the top of the stairs before you continue down.

Down on the beach, Wei will have to fight George. While this boss isn’t incredibly tough, you will have some disadvantages. Due to the poison, you can’t move around the arena quickly.

More importantly, Wei won’t be able to see when George flashes red for an attack. You’ll have to watch his movements and counter when you see him attempt a strike.

Like the previous boss, George has a special grapple you don’t want to get caught in. But, unlike the previous boss, you can grab George and perform special attacks on him from there. Sadly, there are no environmental hazards here.

Once George is stunned, grab him and finish him off with an attack.

A friendly contestant will tell Wei about a cure for the poison after the fight. Stumble onto the pier and get on the boat to search.

Pilot the boat and drive toward the marker. The waypoint is located ahead on a small beach between two outcroppings of rock. Jump out of the boat when you hit the waypoint, and stumble toward the flowers to the right of the shore.

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1 Comment on Sleeping Dogs: The Zodiac Tournament Walkthrough

Love Puff

On December 19, 2012 at 3:53 pm

There’s no achievements for this DLC. For 400 points it’s still not bad, gives you a new island etc, but I have to question the validity of labelling this the second single player content pack. There’s already smaller packs with extra missions etc that don’t add achievements so it’s not like Nightmare on North Point which is a standalone spin-off story with its own achievements, menus and identity. Annoyingly, Steam users DO have achievements for this pack, but PS3 and 360 owners were shagged in the arse with a splintered broomhandle. Shame on Square.