Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough

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  • JOBS

    1. Drive towards the green map icon to reach the club and activate a cut scene, then commandeer the SUV in front of you and follow the marked car into the alley ahead.
    2. Stay close behind the Water Street Boy’s vehicle and follow it all the way to the manufacturing plant, then exit the SUV and approach the front door to enter the building.
    3. Move left down the steps and take cover behind the shelf of crates at the bottom, then get a line of sight on the enemies occupying the room around the corner and sprint towards the nearest thug.
    4. Use striking combos and counter attacks to incapacitate every thug in the first room, then approach the flashing shutter and press the indicated button to lift it up.
    5. Move into the next room ahead and eliminate the enemies ahead by attacking them with heavy strikes, then continue forward into the furnace area and begin assaulting the third group of thugs.
    6. Drag one of the enemies over to the circuit breaker and throw him into it, then eliminate the remaining thugs and turn around towards the red lit corner behind you.
    7. Pick up a dropped weapon and rush towards the armed thug guarding the staircase, then vault from behind cover to distract the enemy and take him out.
    8. Collect the gun from the fallen enemy, then climb the steps in the corner to reach the second floor and activate a cut scene.
    9. Afterwards, vault out from behind cover to slow down time and eliminate various enemies by scoring headshots.
    10. Continue forward across the manufacturing floor by vaulting over the various obstacles to slow down time and eliminating the surrounding thugs, then climb the next staircase ahead in the corner and navigate the metal catwalk above.
    11. Take cover behind the nearby railings to evade the gun fire ahead, then pop up to shoot off a few rounds of your own into the indicated red container and eliminate the enemies in front of you with the explosion that follows.
    12. Make your way forward across the catwalk and continue opening firing on the various thugs and red containers around you, then approach the staircase in the left corner ahead and vault over the obstacle in front of it to slow down time.
    13. Eliminate the remaining two enemies with head shots during slow motion and climb the steps in the corner to activate a cut scene, then vault out the open window in front of you and chase Siu Wah forward across the catwalk.
    14. Follow Siu Wah to the second floor and make your way across the previous area, while avoiding the fiery explosions that consistently occur.
    15. Head down the steps in the corner ahead to approach the next floor below and vault over the railing on your right to continue the pursuit, then grab Siu Wah in the furnace area to take him as a hostage.
    16. Drag Siu Wah towards the front door and use him as a hostage along the way to safely eliminate enemies that appear in front of you, then approach the plant’s front entrance to activate a cut scene.
    17. Afterwards, commandeer the nearby police motorcycle to chase after Wah and navigate past the line of cop cars ahead without having a collision.
    18. Move in close behind Wah’s vehicle, then press the indicated buttons to hijack the car and accelerate out of the red map circle to lose the pursuing cops.
    19. Drive towards the next green map marker that appears to reach the bus depot and complete this mission.

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    On August 15, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    i like this game because this game very best


    On September 26, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    How can I do lntensive care mission. And how can get codes for the security room.

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On September 27, 2012 at 8:28 am


    Hey! We’re here to help, but we need some more information. Can you be more specific?