Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough

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  • JOBS

    1. Drive towards the green marker on your map to reach the clothing store and pick up your tuxedo from within, then head in the direction of the next green icon to arrive at the banquet hall and activate a cut scene.
    2. Afterwards, sprint toward’s banquet hall’s front entrance to find it blocked and continue running in the direction of the open window you see above.
    3. Climb the green-clothed scaffolding ahead to reach the rooftop and enter the banquet hall through the open window above, then make your way down the next staircase to activate a cut scene.
    4. Following the cut scene, take out the catering staff in front of you by using combination attacks and heavy strikes.
    5. Vault over the nearby railing to drop into the lobby below and defeat another group of caterers, then pick up a knife from one of the fallen enemies and approach the flashing door by the steps to kick it open.
    6. Sprint into the room ahead to eliminate the nearest thug, then take cover behind the overturned table beside you and vault over it to activate slow motion.
    7. During slow motion, eliminate as many members of the catering crew as you can with well-aimed head shots and take cover behind the next table ahead.
    8. Open fire on the remaining enemies to clear the area and continue moving towards the back of the room to activate a cut scene, then vault over the drink bar to activate slow motion and take out the next two caterers ahead.
    9. Move through the open doorway in front of you and make a right up the steps to activate the next cut scene, then pop out from the column to open fire on the enemies behind the table on the left side of the balcony.
    10. Aim towards the right side of the balcony to eliminate the remaining threats, then sprint around to the opposite corner of the room and head down the stairs to reach the first floor of the main hall.
    11. Duck behind the table at the bottom of the steps and eliminate the enemy ahead, then enter the kitchen behind him and turn right to take cover again.
    12. Vault over the table you’re behind to activate slow motion and kill the enemy ahead without hurting his hostage, then exit the kitchen and make a left to cross the main hall.
    13. Take cover behind the various table to activate slow motion and eliminate the enemies ahead with more accuracy, then kick open the door at the back of the room and make a left to activate the next cut scene.
    14. Afterwards, escort Uncle Po forward through the park area to cross the bridge ahead on your right and take out the enemies waiting behind the fountain in front of you.
    15. Continue guiding Po forward past the fountain and take a left at the bottom of the next set of steps, then use the flower beds beside you as cover and eliminate the thugs that arrive from ahead.
    16. Climb the next set of steps ahead and make a right at the top to follow the cement pathway around the corner, then continue forward into the darkened area and use the surrounding flowerbeds as cover.
    17. Eliminate the next group of thugs that come from ahead and continue escorting Uncle Po forward along the cement pathway, then move through the indicated archway at the end and take out another enemy wave in front of you.
    18. Guide Uncle Pop forward into the road below, ignoring the gunfire coming from the right, then approach the indicated car to activate a cut scene and complete this mission.

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    On August 15, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    i like this game because this game very best


    On September 26, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    How can I do lntensive care mission. And how can get codes for the security room.

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On September 27, 2012 at 8:28 am


    Hey! We’re here to help, but we need some more information. Can you be more specific?