Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough

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  • JOBS

    1. Make your way towards the green map marker to reach the restaurant and activate a cut scene, then call Ricky and exit the building.
    2. Commandeer the nearest vehicle and drive it so that the tracer icon moves in the direction of the center dot, then line up the two markers on top of each other to make the connection.
    3. Choose “North Point” as the area to scan, then watch the flashing symbols and click on the one that remains in the same location after each flash.
    4. After completing the trace, make your way towards the green marker that appears on the map to reach a parking area off the freeway and activate the cut scene.
    5. Following the cut scene, make your way to the left around the building ahead and approach the green map marker to search for Johnny the Ratface.
    6. Defeat the group of thugs by the waterfront, using strong strikes and grapple maneuvers.
    7. Drag various thugs over to the engine block and dumpsters to dispatch them quickly, then finish off the remaining enemies and make your way over towards the next green map marker that appears.
    8. Jump through the window of the large structure ahead to land inside the boathouse and defeat the surrounding thugs using the same tactics as before, then pick up the dropped knife and make your way towards the next green icon.
    9. Kill the nearest thug you encounter first quickly and pick up the gun he drops, then take cover and open fire on the enemies ahead.
    10. Vault forward from cover to activate slow motion and execute head shots with greater accuracy, then fight your way towards the building ahead and pick up the first automatic rifle you can find.
    11. Enter the building and approach Johnny’s location, then kill the surrounding thugs without hitting him and exit the structure out the other side.
    12. Approach Johnny, then open fire on the enemies that appear in the distance ahead and on the rooftops above.
    13. Continue towards the warehouse ahead and eliminate the enemies that appear along the way, then enter the building to commandeer a motorcycle and chase after the red sports car.
    14. Pursue Johnny’s car across the freeway and hoot out the tires of the indicated enemy vehicles marked with red icons, then move in close behind the red sports car and execute a hijacking maneuver.
    15. Drive in the direction of the green map marker that appears to reach Mrs. Chu’s restaurant and complete this mission.

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    On August 15, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    i like this game because this game very best


    On September 26, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    How can I do lntensive care mission. And how can get codes for the security room.

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On September 27, 2012 at 8:28 am


    Hey! We’re here to help, but we need some more information. Can you be more specific?