Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough

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  • JOBS

    1. Follow Jackie out of the kitchen and into the alley ahead, then continue moving in stride with this character to keep up the conversation and reach the set of double red doors to activate a cut scene.
    2. Afterwards, press the indicated buttons to execute a series of combo attacks on the guys on front of you and finish each of these enemies off with a charged strike.
    3. Take out the next wave of enemies to burst in the room by striking out at them until they block, then grab the enemy using a grapple maneuver and punch your victim before tossing him into the surrounding crowd of thugs.
    4. Continue using grapple attacks to slam enemies into the nearby walls or tossing them to the floor, then finish off every last thug in this group.
    5. Grapple with the lone thug who enters the room next and drag him over to the red flashing window, then press the indicated buttons to slam the shutter down on his body and activate a cut scene.
    6. Afterwards, press the indicated buttons to counter Duke’s strikes each time he flashes red and follow it up with a series of combination attacks of your own.
    7. Continue countering Duke’s attacks and striking back at him, until his partner start advancing, then focus on countering every time you see a red flashing light and fight off the surrounding thugs.
    8. Counter each of the surrounding enemies attacks and press the indicated button, whenever you knock them on the ground, to execute a devastating strike.
    9. Fight off the enemies until the next cut scene is activated, then navigate the streets and alleys ahead to make your way towards the yellow map icon.
    10. Approach the vendor in the marketplace alley ahead on the left and press the indicated button to extort money from him, then move to the right and make your way towards the next yellow icon.
    11. Press the indicated button to extort money from the watch vendor and jump over his table when this fails, then use grapple and striking attacks to eliminate the group of enemies that arrives.
    12. Drag one of the thugs over to the nearby by phone booth and press the indicated button to throw him into it.
    13. After defeating the thugs, approach the vendor again to successfully extort from him and move left towards the next yellow map icon.
    14. Approach the produce vendor and try to extort money from him as well, then fight off the surrounding wave of thugs that appears next by locking onto them and defeating one-by-one.
    15. Use counter-attacks to survive this larger onslaught of thugs and use grapple maneuvers to put them on the ground temporarily, then finish defeating the remaining threats and approach the vendor again to successfully extort money from him.
    16. Make your way towards the next yellow map icon to approach the butcher and activate a cut scene, then rush over to the group of thugs ahead and begin taking them out as you did before.
    17. After defeating the thugs, approach the butcher to collect money from him and approach the white triangle map icon to your right.
    18. Approach the clothing stand ahead on the right and browse through the selection within to purchase a new wardrobe for your character, then head towards the green circle icon to complete this mission.

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    On August 15, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    i like this game because this game very best


    On September 26, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    How can I do lntensive care mission. And how can get codes for the security room.

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On September 27, 2012 at 8:28 am


    Hey! We’re here to help, but we need some more information. Can you be more specific?