Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough

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  • JOBS

    1. Make your way towards the circular green map icon to reach the construction area and approach the back of the white van to activate a cut scene, then drive towards the next green icon to exit the alley and follow the arrows to get on the road.
    2. Continue driving towards the green map icon ahead, without having a collision, to reach the waterfront and activate the next cut scene.
    3. Afterwards, grab the nearest thug to toss him into the dumpster and eliminate the remaining enemies using similar tactics with other environmental objects.
    4. Defeat the last remaining thug to activate another cut scene, then take out the next wave of enemies with counter-attacks and grapple maneuvers.
    5. Pick up any dropped weapons from enemies you defeat and use them for finishing off the remaining thugs to activate a cut scene, then drive forward to chase after the car ahead and avoid collisions to stay close behind it.
    6. Follow the same turning patterns at the same points in the track as the car in front of you to safely navigate the narrow alleys.
    7. Continue pursuit until an escort car pulls in front of you, then move in close behind it and push the indicated buttons to ram into the vehicle repeatedly until its disabled.
    8. Drive on the sidewalk to cut the corners and come at the escort car from the side, then use the ramming maneuver to cause more effective damage.
    9. Use the same ramming strategy to eliminate the next four escort cars that appear ahead, then move in close behind the cargo van and hit the vehicle from the side repeatedly until it flips over to activate a cut scene.
    10. Drive towards the green icon until a wanted level appears, then accelerate to a maximum speed and leave the red circle on your map to eliminate any threat of arrest.
    11. Should you run into a police car, disable them as quickly as possible with a ramming maneuver and leave the scene quickly to escape from the red circle on the your map.
    12. Continue towards the circular green map icon to cross a short bridge and activate a cut scene on the other side to complete this mission.

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    On August 15, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    i like this game because this game very best


    On September 26, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    How can I do lntensive care mission. And how can get codes for the security room.

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On September 27, 2012 at 8:28 am


    Hey! We’re here to help, but we need some more information. Can you be more specific?