Slender: Source Takes Slender Man to Multiplayer (INTERVIEW)

Eventually, however, circumstances led Ethereal to change the name of the game to The Operator — but only briefly.

“Mark J. Hadley was getting people confusing him as part of our team, et cetera,” Ross said. “Basically, people thinking Slender: Source was the sequel or something, plus I doubt we’d be able to publish on (Steam) Greenlight like we’re trying to do with the ‘Source’ title in the name. The Operator felt good, and that’s what Slenderman is referred to in our ARG videos/diaries by Daniel whom is the character the whole game takes place around. Can’t reveal too much about it.”

The new name stuck for only a few hours. Ross said community members on Steam Greenlight started “voting down” the game because the name “The Operator” was a reference to the Marble Hornets Slender Man video series — a fact of which Ross said he was previously unaware.

Finally, the team settled on the name Faceless, which Ross said worked and avoided any potential copyright trouble.

Still, things remain overwhelmingly positive for Ethereal and the game formerly known as Slender: Source. The team is promoting the game with a number of alternate reality game-type videos, which can be found on its Moddb page.

And for Ross, things seem to be getting easier. Though he’s been doing various work on games since he was 13, like making maps in StarCraft and Warcraft 3, he’s never really had a lot of support from his family. But all the good press surrounding Ethereal’s game has nabbed him at least one fan: his mom.

“My mother … is extremely supportive and has been bragging, and showing off to her friends that her son has been featured in PC Gamer, Game Front, et cetera, and that he’s gotten a name for himself in the industry, and on the Internet,” he said. “Which, I don’t feel is true. Sure, Slender: Source has received a ton of attention, and more than I could of ever hoped for, but I don’t think I’ve gotten a name for myself, and don’t think I will until we release the finished product and it’s well-received.

“But hey, I’m hopeful. Even if it just garners a cult following I’ll be happy. My whole purpose in this industry isn’t to make a f–k-ton of money like most developers, and publishers for that matter. I do it because I love video games, and I have a passion for it. And if that doesn’t show in the finished product, then in my eyes, I’ve failed.

“I think I’m going to be pretty happy if people get scared by something I made,” Ross continued. “It’s kind of like a dream of mine — I want to scare people. It’s probably going to be like a bittersweet moment for me. Say somebody gets scared and then they die, and then I laugh, I get all like — I start laughing and then probably I get killed. So…oh well.”

“It’ll be beautiful,” Small added.

More information on Faceless is available on the game’s ModDB page. Ethereal intends to run a closed beta sometime in December, and is aiming to release the game in March 2013.

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On September 17, 2012 at 8:26 pm

What I really want to know… where does Slenderman get a suit tailored for his insanely long arms?!