Slender: The Arrival Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Into the Abyss

  1. Once you awake after fleeing Slender Man in the woods, explore the park around you. Follow the path until you reach the entrance to the Kullman Mining Facility.
  2. Search the area for documents, including surrounding buildings along the pathway and the buildings in front of the mine’s entrance.
  3. When you are ready to move forward, walk into the dark mine and enter the first room on the right. View the safety sign with power loss instructions, and the framed newspaper at the end of the room. There is also another document on the ledge on the left side.
  4. Exit the room into the mine. Take a look at the red-glowing generator attached to the mine’s lift. The lift is out of power, so you will need six of these generators to power it. Activate the first generator, and a gate will open allowing you to access the rest of the mine.
  5. The five other generators in the mine will be placed in random locations. You may need to attempt this chapter multiple times to get a feel for the layout of the mine. The most efficient way to complete this chapter is to learn the area instead of wandering aimlessly.
  6. Begin to sweep the entire mine. Head into the nearby hallways first, and keep an eye out for the red-glow of the generators. Start making a loop around the mine, searching each and every room for one of the portable generators which may be located in side rooms or behind fences.
  7. However, powering-up the lift is not your only objective. You will be hunted by Slender Man and his human Proxy; double trouble. Knowing how to avoid the Proxy is key to your survival. She will rush you head-on and attack you, unlike Slender Man. If this happens, stun her using your high-beam flashlight and run the other way. Do not let her get too close, or you cannot stun her.
  8. If she attacks you once, you will be stunned for a moment, but you will not die. Further attacks by the Proxy can kill you, so it is best to avoid her altogether. Be ready to stun her when you hear the incoming sound of her footsteps across the concrete floors.
  9. Don’t forget about Slender Man while escaping the Proxy. Do not let yourself get cornered or trapped by both Slender Man and the Proxy. Make sure there is room to run away.
  10. Continue to search each room in the mine until all six of the generators are activated. Once the lift is powered, move as quickly as possible back to the elevator. Continue to avoid the Proxy and be on your guard until you reach the surface.

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On July 27, 2013 at 3:35 am

Sooooo in the end you die afterall :/


On February 26, 2015 at 11:44 pm

I love these pcreuits. They are the best PG pcreuits I’ve seen. You are so beautiful and Jason is so handsome. Patti you are glowing with such joy and happiness. I can’t wait to see our little Carson.