Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Paris Prologue

  1. Enjoy the opening cinematic. Seriously, the colors are vivid and if you’re new to this series, you might appreciate the cartoon-like graphics.
  2. Once you have control of your character, go up the path for a quick cutscene with the chopper.
  3. Smash the crates around you to get coins. There’s a whole bunch of them in this area.
  4. Climb up the building and scale along the ledge. Continue along the top of the building for another cutscene with the chopper.
  5. Climb up the rope and zipline your way across for another quick cutscene.
  6. Use the ledge to get around to the front of the museum. Bentley will point it out to you. Make sure you go slow and take your time. Don’t get caught by the searchlight- make sure it’s completely out of the way before taking a few steps.
  7. After the next cutscene, you will have control of Bentley the Brains. Head to the control room and use your hover pack to navigate the gaps. Is it just me, or does this totally look like some of the levels from Crash Bandicoot 2? Probably just me. Oh, make sure you pick up the Sly Mask that’s right along your way!
  8. To disable the security system, you will need to complete a series of hacks. The interface is really cool and quite fun. Follow the instructions at the top of your screen. Patience is key here. If you get too far ahead of yourself you will run into the obstacle you need to get around. The fire wall is a great example.
  9. Next, you will get control of Murray the Brawn. This big guy is your muscle. Playing with him is quite fun as well- he swings hard. Go straight up the path and collect the coins in your way for another cutscene.
  10. Mash O repeatedly when prompted to do so.
  11. The mission is a success! Now, you will need to make a getaway. Steer your way around the obstacles and keep on the gas! This is reminiscent a bit of the motorcycle mini game in Final Fantasy 7, eh? Oh. Just me again.
  12. The Paris Prologue will end in another spiffy cutscene. So far, so good!

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