Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Walkthrough

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Turning Japanese

  1. Select Sly to play the Photo Op job.
  2. Go up the path and climb up the vine to find the Clue Bottle.
  3. Make your way across the tops of the huts.
  4. Once you reach the thing that looks like a wheel/giant gear, you will hit a cutscene.
  5. Jump off the gear and head to the bridge. Take the path to your right and climb up to the rooftops to snap a shot of the Dragons Gates.
  6. Make your way back towards the bridge and you will be able to snap a recon photo of the Sushi House.
  7. To get the jade peach, activate the timer by the pond and quickly make your way across the rooftops, past the rope, and towards the end of the path.
  8. Make your way up to the highest vantage point of the rooftops to get the right angle to take a picture of the Geisha house.
  9. Once El Jefe comes out, snap a photo of him for a cutscene.
  10. Once you have control of Sly again, go to the rooftops to the North for another cutscene.
  11. Use your map to locate the three samurai armour pieces. You will have to approach the fat things from behind and take the pieces without the, noticing.
  12. Hop across the rooftops to the bridge and put on your costume. Kind of hard to move in that thing, huh? Enjoy the entertaining cutscene of Sly trying to get into the prison.
  13. Use the map to locate Rioichi Cooper once inside the prison.
  14. Take your armour off when you need to crawl under the small spaces, but make sure the guards aren’t watching or you will be caught. Immediately put it back on once you’ve stopped crawling.
  15. In the last sequence you will have to quickly switch the armour off and on. You can’t jump in it, but you do need it to get through the fire. You also won’t have much luck dodging the pendulums with it, so get used to the timing of changing back and forth very quickly.
  16. After the cutscene at the end of the prison path, you will have to use your costume to save Rioichi. Make sure you have it off when you jump and immediately put it back on when you land.
  17. Once you get across all the platforms, you will be able to save Rioichi and complete the breakout.
  18. After the next set of cutscenes, sneak into the sushi shop without being seen.
  19. Once you have control of Rioichi, you will be able to get yourself to a much higher vantage point.
  20. After the next cutscene, launch yourself through the green lasers. Wait until the guards are asleep to move past them.
  21. Go past the sushi knife door and flip the switch to activate a whole bunch of steam.
  22. Get the treasure back to the hideout before the timer at the bottom of your screen runs out.
  23. Hop across the rooftops towards the X on your map to reach the hatch on the roof.
  24. Sneak your way through the Geisha house and avoid the lasers, fire, and everything else that’s going to get in your way. Be patient when you reach the flames and take your time jumping from furnace to furnace.
  25. Activate the “Something’s Fishy” mission and hack the security system using Bentley’s avatar.
  26. Make your way to the CPU core and hide yourself behind the partitions to avoid the lasers and nano bot. Keep shooting the center of the eye to beat the CPU.
  27. When you have control of Murray, go forward and lift up the gate. Continue along the path and hit the Giant Lamp Leaf.
  28. Follow Bentley’s instructions to catch the fish. Put them in the carts around you and move on to the exit to complete Something’s Fishy.
  29. Once you activate “Tiger Tail”, you will play Bentley and have him use his RC car. Your objective is to spy on El Jefe before the heist goes down.
  30. Follow El Jefe once the timer starts and head straight up the path. Make sure not to fall into the water once you turn the corner.
  31. In Spiked Sushi, move up the path as Rioichi and follow the map until you acquire the Poison Plant Seeds.
  32. The final mission is Altitude Sickness. Pickpocket the key from the fatty samurai.
  33. The big armour will come in handy once again as you will be able to use it to deflect fireballs on your way to El Jefe.
  34. You will have some backup once you meet the boss’s goons on the bridge. Keep the spacing between your and your allies as big as possible.
  35. After the next cutscene, Sly will challenge El Jefe on his own. Rioichi’s honor is at stake! Use the samurai armour to deflect El Jefe’s fireballs. Make sure you switch out of it right after- the armour really stunts your mobility.
  36. The tiger’s attacks are predictable- once you deflect the fireballs back and stun him, get up close and land a few good hits. Beat him to complete Turning Japanese!

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