Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Clan of the Cave Raccoon

  1. Finally, its time for a change of scenery. Once you have control of Bentley, proceed up the path until the first major cutscene. You will then be prompted to take photos of the village.
  2. Once you have control of Sly, climb up to where the tight ropes hang and look up towards the sky. You will find the Sprocket in the air. Take a quick picture of it.
  3. Watch yourself on the slippery ice. Head northwest from your current location to the Arena.
  4. Once you activate the Unexpected Ties quest, sneak back into the arena for another cutscene. Le Paradox? Really? Kind of lame..
  5. Head outside, across the bridge and towards the Arena gate for another cutscene.
  6. Use your map marker to find the Sabertooth Costume. This will also enable you to acquire the Lair Door Key.
  7. When Getting Stronger begins, talk to Murray for a cutscene and mini game that comprises the entirety of this mission.
  8. Pummel the Dodo Birds in Going Up and climb the moutain in front of you after the cutscene.
  9. Avoid the eggs by moving from side to side. If you look at where they are coming out of, you will see an extra burst of steam occur right before the egg shoots out. If you notice this telegraph you should have no issue with the timing.
  10. Once you accept Starving Starving Hippo, run up to the penguin and press square to squeeze it.
  11. Float down the stream on the chunk of ice and proceed up the snowy path towards the next map marker.
  12. Run up to the pengun and press x to squeeze it again.

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