Sniper Elite 3: Collectible Cards Locations Guide

Play your hand carefully with the exact locations for every collectible stack of cards in Sniper Elite 3. These well-hidden items are usually found where soldiers are milling around, but sometimes they’re stuck somewhere completely obscure. Don’t comb the desert for hours — use the exacting instructions below.

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Collectible Cards Locations Guide

Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk

  • Collectible Card #1: The first mission’s only collectible card is near the northeastern Nebelwerfer campsite. Next to the artillery, climb a watchtower and you’ll find the card on an ammo box beneath some radio equipment on a crate.

Mission 2: Gaberoun

  • Collectible Card #2: South of the northwestern-most sniper nest, there are some rooms built into the ruins west of the main road. Starting from the sniper nest, follow the stone ruins south to the very last structure and look inside. There’s a bunk room with the cards inside.

Mission 3: Halfaya Pass

  • Collectible Card #3: Near the Motor Pool area where you can complete a sabotage mission, enter the backyard of the two-story building adjacent to the road. Near the steps leading to the second floor is a crate where soldiers were playing cards. The collectible cards are on a stool.
  • Collectible Card #4: Moving south to the sniper nest located beneath the motor pool on the map, look for a cliff-side ridge with a green crate beneath one regular brown wooden box. Move north and west from the nest to find the ledge. The cards are on the right-most green crate.
  • Collectible Card #5: Opposite of the cave containing the artillery gun you need to destroy is a small motor pool where three trucks are parked on a ledge giving you a good view of the objective. Next to the right-most of the parked trucks is a green crate covered with cards. The collectible is on a stool behind the crate.

Mission 4: Fort Rigugio

  • Collectible Card #6: Enter the four-tent camp south of the eastern spotlight sub-objective. The cards are on a table in the northeastern tent.
  • Collectible Card #7: Check your map for two tents next to a guard tower on a western ridge, south of the fortress. Enter the left tent to find cards on a shared table.
  • Collectible Card #8: The last cards are located inside the fortress itself. On the northern border of the map, there’s a large tower attached to the outer wall. Go up the curving steps built into the exterior of the tower to reach the outer wall, and the entrance into the tower interior. The cards are located on a table with an un-lit lamp.

Mission 5: Siwa Oasis

  • Collectible Card #9: There’s a dark passage leading into an underground tunnel southwest of the Vahlen’s office objective star on your map. Down the path, there’s a lit ammo crate. The cards are on the ground nearby.

Mission 6: Kassarine Pass

  • Collectible Card #10: Go to the northern Neberwerfer site and look for two buildings south across from the road. Look in the yellow structure to find a green crate in the corner with the cards.
  • Collectible Card #11: Return to the tall white structure near the objective to regroup with Brauer later in the mission. Directly east of the objective star is a structure next to the dirt road. Go inside and look on the crates to get your next set of collectible cards.
  • Collectible Card #12: South of the regroup objective, look inside the lowest house. Through the front door, there’s a cabinet near three hanging plates on the wall. Grab the last cards for this mission here.

Mission 7: Pont Du Fahs Airfield

  • Collectible Card #13: Starting from the objective star where you gain access to the bunker network, move onto the sandy hills to the southwest. There’s a small camp hidden behind a large rock formation. Look for a burning barrel with two crates.
  • Collectible Card #14: Go to the lower-right trench network and look in the sandy hills further southeast to find an extra sniper rifle ammo crate near a lit torch next to the rock wall. On the rocks to the right of the sniper rifle you’ll find the cards.
  • Collectible Card #15: Check out the three tents southeast of the bomb dumb optional objective. Inside the middle tent, look on a crate in the back corner.

Mission 8: Ratte Factory

  • Collectible Card #16: In the bunker beneath the first sniper nest, go into the canyon facility with metal shelving units at the bottom of the stairs. Look in the space on the northern end of the room between the shelves and the stairs to find the first cards in this mission.
  • Collectible Card #17: Moving through the cave factory, you’ll cross the first bridges to the second massive underground chamber. As you move south, stick to the east wall. Underneath the metal catwalk, look past metal pipes. You should find them before passing by the green factory machines.
  • Collectible Card #18: Crossing the second set of bridges, there’s a raised catwalk in the third bunker section. Continue to the catwalk to the left of the open second-floor thick bunker doors. The cards are in the center of the catwalk path.
  • Collectible Card #19: Entering the Ratte factory proper, there’s a molten smelter still burning on the right side of the facility. Climb the catwalks all the way to the top, three sets of stairs up, and look in the corner near the railing.
  • Collectible Card #20: Near the southwest objective pillar, there’s a raised metal catwalk with shelves. In the corner next to the railings is another card collectible.

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