Sniper Elite 3: Grey Wolf DLC – Every Method to Kill Hitler

Get into the belated Independence Day spirit with these seven methods for killing Adolf Hitler in Sniper Elite 3′s Grey Wolf add-on mission.

Bringing down the leader of the Third Reich in increasingly comical ways is something the whole world can enjoy together. Check out how to earn every sniping trophy in the DLC mission with the shooting instructions below.

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All Seven Methods to Kill Hitler

Each of the seven methods listed below will unlock the corresponding achievement / trophy. Complete all seven to earn the “…And stay dead!” trophy.

To get started, you’ll want to position yourself on the exterior wall over-looking the meeting with the false back-drop. The sniping spot should be just above the gate, where you’ll have a good view of the exit road.

Every method can be completed in one mission. Just let yourself be killed after earning a trophy, then reload checkpoint.

Method #1: Sweating Bullets

This one is easy. Once you’re in position, simply shoot the target. Hitler is sitting down in a chair surrounded by officers and other guards. His staff car is to the right, he’ll use it to escape if you miss.

Aim for the head — or anywhere else lethal. Kill the target with a bullet to complete the first method.

Method #2: In the Middle

This kill requires a chain reaction to complete. There are two ways to clear this, using your Sniper Rifle or a grenade.

Look for the Staff Car and trucks to the right of Hitler’s position. Either blow them up with a grenade, starting with the right-most trucks, or fire a bullet into the glowing red weak point of the truck.

If you’re throwing a grenade, just remember that the chain-reaction needs to kill the target, not your grenade! So throw it far away from the party and try to hit the vehicles only.

Method #3: Convenience is Key

This is one of the toughest methods. Start by alerting Hitler so he escapes in his Staff Car. Try shooting the officer in the testicles to earn another secret trophy “Herr Charles” to send the Fuhrer scrambling.

Before you do, turn around and get a good look at the road he’ll use for his escape out of the compound. Look to the left of the road for three explosive barrels. As the target escapes, he’ll drive by these barrels.

Initiate the escape sequence, then shoot the barrels as he drives right next to them to earn this method.

Method #4: Saved by the Bell

The most comical method is also one of the safest. Look above Hitler and sight your reticule over the hanging bell. Aim for the rope holding the bell to the wooden post.

The bell will tumble down and crush the infamous ruler. What a way to go.

Method #5: No Escape

This one can be tricky. After alerting Hitler and initiating the escape, step onto the wooden bridge and watch his car leave the compound.

Target the back trunk panel. It’ll take several shots, as the weak point can be sort of buggy, but shoot fast and hit the weak point to blow up his car and earn another kill.

Method #6: Grenadier

This is one of the trickier kills. You can either practice ranges with the grenade, or sneak to the right of the sniping position and climb down to the ground, where you’ll have a better view of the grenade-throw sight-line.

Either way, when throwing a grenade, make sure to place the arc right on-top of Hitler. You want to make sure this is a killing explosion. The rest of the guards don’t matter! It only counts if only a grenade explosion kills him — not a chain reaction.

Method #7: Fast-Moving Target

Like any of the car-related kills, this one is tricky. After missing a shot and alerting Hitler, he’ll retreat into his grey Staff Car.

Before he escapes, use focus to slow time and land a hit on his head. He’ll sit in the back-left seat. You can still make the shot after he leaves the compound, just rush to the other side of the wall and shoot him as they drive down the road.

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