Sniper Elite 3: How to Complete a Mission Without Being Seen

Earn one of the trickiest achievements in Sniper Elite 3 with the step-by-step guide for sneaking through a mission without causing a single alarm. It won’t be easy, but there’s one special trick to quickly complete the toughest objective of the mission. Check out the full guide below.

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How to Complete a Mission Without Being Seen

To unlock the “Hidden and Dangerous” achievement / trophy, you’ll need to sneak through one complete mission without being spotted by an enemy. It cannot be completed on “Siege of Tobruk” so start on “Gaberoun” instead.

This challenge can be completed on any difficulty. Make it easier by selecting “Cadet” difficulty when you start the mission. Be sure to bring the Welrod Silenced Pistol, Landmines and Grenades.

Find the Officer Locations Intel

As the mission begins, crouch and sneak toward the sentry to use a close-quarter takedown. Now dash down the hill and use the stone ruins to sneak right around the soldier around the campfire. Stab the guard sitting near the fire, then stab the soldier in the tent. Search the body to complete your first objective.

1/3 – Kill Officers and Collect Intel

Now that you’ve got the rest of the objective locations, exit the tent and move behind it. Weave through the ruins and move left from the tent to the rock wall. Stick to the right wall as you move through the camp to circle around to the ridge overlooking your closest kill objective. Wait for two soldiers to walk down into the camp, then move up to the post with the single waiting soldier.

Stab the guard, then move down the path to reach the backside of the officer tent. A guard will patrol this area. Shoot the good with the Welrod, then sneak into the tent to pick off the first officer on your list.

2/3 – Kill Officers and Collect Intel

Now you can run to the campfire and stab the sitting guard next to the sleeping guard. Stab them both, then continue toward the next two objective markers in the distance.

As the path splits, turn left and move down the road to a ruin with a tent camp ahead. Behind the low stone wall, there’s a guard with his back to you. Shoot him — it’s too tricky to sneak up on him.

To the right of the guard is another campfire with a patrolling guard. Sneak up or shoot him with a silenced pistol, then you’ll be clear to run down the narrow dirt path through the palm trees and brush, lit by torches.

It should be a straight shot toward the right-most of the star objective markers ahead of you. There are too many waiting guards around the officer to sneak up on him. Instead, hide in the bushes to the left of the path and throw a grenade into the group. Aim carefully, you’ll need to kill every waiting soldier to avoid setting off an alarm.

Equip the Welrod and sneak toward the officer corpse. There should be a guard coming to investigate the explosion beyond the campfire. Shoot him before he raises an alarm.

3/3 – Kill Officers and Collect Intel

Only one officer left. Back up and follow the path left of the camp site. It leads to another empty campfire watched over by a nearby search light. Stay to the right of the search light tower and use the tents for cover.

Near the last officer, move across the road and sneak under the search light tower. Crawl near it and move behind the parked truck. Continue to circle around the camp by moving to the left of the tent. Take cover at the corner of this first tent behind the truck and wait for the third officer to turn around. Shoot or stab him as he patrols.

Now you’ll have the final objective. Back track to the campfire where you killed the second officer. Instead of turning left to hunt the third officer, go down the right path and duck into the bushes near the ruins. There’s a soldier on an MG42 watching the path. Pick him off with the Welrod.

Near the MG42 post, place a landmine on the road. There’s a wooden pallet in the road that’s a good marker to set your landmines — put down at least two next to each other.

Now you can move to the temple down the road toward the final officer. Stick to the bushes to the right of the open area, then crawl toward the right-side of the temple structure. There’s a soldier waiting near the right-back opening. Get close and shoot him with the Welrod. Make sure to kill the guard at the gate post too.

Sneak into the ruined wall on the right of the temple and shoot the soldier on the upper scaffolding. Now that you’re clear, sneak up on the final officer.

Ambush the General & Escape

With all the officers killed, the General will arrive in an armored vehicle down the road. If you’ve been following this guide, you should’ve placed two mines on the road already. All you have to do is wait and the General’s half-track will drive over your mines and explore.

Now you can leave through the cleared gate to the right of the temple. If you managed to get through the stage unseen, you’ll earn the achievement / trophy.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Hidden and Dangerous (20 points / Bronze):
    Completed a campaign mission without being seen (excluding Tobruk).

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