Sniper Elite 3: Long Shots Locations Guide

Reach out and touch someone far, far away with all eight long shot locations in Sniper Elite 3. Someone on each map, you’ll find a wandering character far out of your normal stalking path. Scroll down to find out which sniper nests are required to spot these sneaky sentries with the complete locations below.

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Long Shots Locations Guide

Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk

  • Long Shot #1: The first long shot locations is located near the southeastern Nebelwerfer artillery camp. Once you enter the area with the radio tent under netting, climb into the tower and enter the sniper nest at the top. Zoom in and target the soldier on the white building balcony in the distance.

Mission 2: Gaberoun

  • Long Shot #2: Move up to the watchtower west of the northern officer HQ. There should be an optional objective marker on the northwestern tower for the quest to destroy every spotlight. Use the sniper nest here and look beyond the borders of the map straight ahead for a tall tower guarded by a sentry. Pick off the guard to get your long shot.

Mission 3: Halfaya Pass

  • Long Shot #3: Entering the village with the tower on the eastern border of the mission area once you exit a narrow pass, climb into the tall building with the sniper nest marker on your map. It’s also right next to the “Sabotage” mission. Use the sniper nest and aim for the “Destroy” objective marker in the distance. Beneath the huge boulder wedged into the canyon, look for a soldier partially obscured by black smoke. That’s your target.

Mission 4: Fort Rigugio

  • Long Shot #4: Use the southeastern sniper nest location to find your long shot target. Once you’re in place, look up at the open windows in the fort itself. Zoom in on the keep between the two hanging flags above the main entrance. On the right side, there are two open windows. Standing in the left window is an unsuspecting soldier. Make the show to earn the fourth long shot.

Mission 5: Siwa Oasis

  • Long Shot #5: There’s a sniper nest along the center-northern border of the map, inside a large tower with prominent wooden pegs jutting from the exterior. Climb up into the tower and activate the sniper nest to start the long shot hunt. Your mark is far off into the distance. Zoom in and keep your reticule about level with your position. If you search beyond the city limits, you should spot a sandy patch of ground on the rocks, between two trees, straight ahead. Shoot the single grunt in the distance to earn the long shot.

Mission 6: Kassarine Pass

  • Long Shot #6: Open your map and make your way to the sniper nest in the north-center of the map, inside the large mountain filled with tunnels. Use the dirt path on the north-eastern face of the mountain to climb up to the “second floor” of the bunker, then enter the tunnels and move to the large steps to reach the sniper nest. Like other long shots, you won’t want to look down at the occupied town below. Instead, look directly ahead from your spot and keep the scope about level in the distance. Between the canyon walls dotted with trees, there’s a cave in the distant background outside the borders of the map. Shoot the sentry waiting there to get your long shot.

Mission 7: Pont Du Fahs Airfield

  • Long Shot #7: Travel up to the northeastern sniper nest and zoom into the sand banks in the far distance. This one is tricky to see — look beyond the hangars and between the two clusters of palm trees. The guard is standing on the sand dune. His silhouette should be visible in the night sky.

Mission 8: Ratte Factory

  • Long Shot #8: Go to the southern sniper nest in the canyon marked on your map. Pull down the boards covered a hole in the concrete bunker, then go up the hill to find the shooting spot. Turn around and look directly up to spot a crane at the top of the ravine. On one of the jutting rock ledges, there’s a single guard standing out in the bright day sky.

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On December 22, 2014 at 1:09 am

At Fort Rigugio, no soldier appeared in the window. I waited a couple of minutes in case he had only stepped away, but he never showed. Apparently I hit a bug somewhere along the line. I’ll have to start over from the beginning, I guess.