Sniper Elite 3: Weapon Parts Locations Guide

Unlock every upgrade in Sniper Elite 3 with GameFront’s complete weapons parts locations guide. These tricky collectibles are located on patrolling soldiers across all 8 battlegrounds. If you don’t feel like patting down every Nazi trooper in Africa, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling to get in-depth info on where to find the loot.

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Weapon Parts Locations Guide

Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk

  • Weapon Part #1: After taking out the spotters, you’ll need to sneak into a Nazi camp and wipe out the Nebelwerfer crews. In the area with the launchers, look for the southern objective star. Near the watch tower, there’s a radio tent covered in netting. Kill the guard standing at the radio desk and loot his body to get the first part.

Mission 2: Gaberoun

  • Weapon Part #2: Beginning the hunt to clear the base of three key officers, travel to the western side and move north to find a circular ruin with a burning fire on the stone. Follow the torches up the sandy hill to find a camp on the ridge. One guard will look out near the cliff. Kill him and loot his corpse to find the upgrade.
  • Weapon Part #3: Go up to the far northwest corner and enter the motorpool where you’ll have an optional objective to destroy all the vehicles. Target the grunt only wearing a white undershirt instead of a full uniform. Kill him and search the body to find an upgrade part.

Mission 3: Halfaya Pass

  • Weapon Part #4: Moving into the pass, stick to the western pathway up the ridge to reach a Nazi occupied building. There’s a radio tower just near the building, and a portable engine on the pass where you can jump to the rooftop. Takedown the rooftop sentry and search him, he’s carrying a weapon part.
  • Weapon Part #5: From the previous collectible, go to the eastern wall of the pass and move north to another occupied town with a tower. Once again, look for a two-story building with a radio tower right next to it. Climb to the roof, get the single guard, and search the body.

Mission 4: Fort Rigugio

  • Weapon Part #6: Just as the level begins, you’ll get a good view of the valley beneath the massive fort. Jump down the winding path and move northeast to a camp east of the main dirt road leading up to the fort. Sneak into the small four-tent camp and takedown the patrolling guard, he’s got the weapon part on him.
  • Weapon Part #7: Stepping into the fort through the main entrance, go up the steps to the left. Up the steps, there are two sitting guards waiting around benches and crates. Shoot the guard on the bench and loot him.

Mission 5: Siwa Oasis

  • Weapon Part #8: Outside the town walls, there’s an Anti-Air emplacement on a ridge at the base of one of the village towers. Kill the officer on duty watching over the quad-cannon to get your next weapon part.
  • Weapon Part #9: Entering the old city, travel northeast up the road from Vahlen’s office and move to the northern edge of the city. There’s a sniper on a tall building beneath one of the towers with wooden posts sticking out from the exterior. Climb up to the second floor of the tower to reach the sniper and loot his corpse for a weapon part.

Mission 6: Kassarine Pass

  • Weapon Part #10: Starting from the narrow path in the northwest leading into the main pass, look for a tunnel entrance built into the cave walls to your right. Follow the path and take the first right to find an officer waiting in the doorway. This officer is carrying the tenth weapon part.
  • Weapon Part #11: Inside of Vahlen’s HQ inside the temple relief carved into the pass walls, sneak in through the right doorway to spot a soldier working on radio equipment on a desk. Take him down to collect the weapon part he’s carrying.

Mission 7: Pont Du Fahs Airfield

  • Weapon Part #12: Start your search outside of the northeastern-most hangar. There’s a camp to the north of this hangar, with a large tower north of that. Infiltrate the tower and take out the officer inside to get another weapon part.
  • Weapon Part #13: Next, go down to the southeast corner of the airfield. Once you complete the protection sequence from the sniping position, look left for a wooden guard tower guarded by a sniper. Get down from the cliff and take this sniper down to get his weapon part.

Mission 8: Ratte Factory

  • Weapon Part #14: Once you access the walkways, you’ll need to destroy two power transformers in the factory. After crossing the first bridge, you’ll reach another set of two bridges across the canyon. Enter the left of these two bridges, and look across at the machinery ahead. To the left of the machinery, there’s a grunt working at a desk with wheels laying out on top. Kill him and search his body to gain the next collectible part.
  • Weapon Part #15: Taking the elevator down into the factory proper, you’ll need to set four charges on the support pillars. To the left of the immense tank, there’s a guard patrolling next to the steps. He’s your man — put him down and search to discover the last weapon part.

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3 Comments on Sniper Elite 3: Weapon Parts Locations Guide

David Lonergan

On July 4, 2014 at 9:41 pm

Ok I have gone through the game twice specifically looking for weapon parts, and I have killed/looted everyone that this and other guides say to kill, but I only have 14/15. I am stuck on 99% in the game. Someone please help.


On July 16, 2014 at 3:31 am

Do i have to finish the mission when I find the parts? Or can i just quit when finding them?


On August 9, 2014 at 6:56 am

I’m also stuck at 14/15. Think the last one is on that fort where you kill the sitting on the bench. When I look at him it says he’s carrying something useful. But when I search him…nothing. Is that a bug?