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Schoneberg Streets

  1. You’ll begin in a small courtyard with a soldier in front of you. Take him out silently by using the Welrod or by breaking his neck. Move along down the street. You’ll see two enemies ahead behind a motorcycle. If you’re quick, you can line them up for a 2 for 1.
  2. As you round the street, look up toward the sky. You’ll see a blimp. Now scan down and you’ll see a sniper on a distant rooftop. Take him out. Hopefully, you’ll see him fall from the roof. You’ll see the yellow marker ahead. But before you head there, enter the building near the street corner. Search the house for a gold bar near a bathroom sink.
  3. Now you can head up the stairs as you pass by the barbed checkpoint. Before you head up the stairs, however, hang a left to the left most room. There’s a gold bar on the dresser next to the bed.
  4. When you reach the second floor, take cover along the wall, then take out the lone soldier ahead. From here you can move through the building down toward the bottom floor. Before you aim your sights down the road, however, exit to the alley behind the building through any window. Head right to grab a gold bar.
  5. Find a good view down the road and use your binoculars to tag targets. To do this, while using the binoculars, use the “left mouse button” when the cursor is on an enemy. They’ll be tagged with a red arrow.
  6. It’s up to you to choose who to shoot first because once you take the shot, the enemies will head toward the sound of your gunshot. I suggest taking out the sniper way in the back down the road in the bombed out building. He’ll be in the shadows.
  7. If the enemies swarm you, they will usually try to flank by opening the barbed gate you passed earlier. Also watch out for the machine gunner across the street right past the same barbed gate in the corner of the building across from you.
  8. When all the enemies are dead, move down the street, while searching the corpses for ammo and other things like trip mines or dynamite. Before you head up and climb the next building where the yellow marker is, look for a car in the rubble holding a gold bar.
  9. After grabbing the bar, climb up into the hole in the wall. You’ll see a crate where you can replenish your goods. Take out the unsuspecting enemy trooper looking out the window as you pass by the staircase. Now turn back around, then head down the stairs to grab a gold bar on the bottom floor.
  10. Move through the building. It will lead outside to a stone wall where a crate will be waiting for you. Be careful as you head out because there will be enemies patrolling the road. Take them out one at a time. Set some traps if you like before shooting to lure them into your den.
  11. After you’ve taken out the ground troops, use your binoculars and look down the road, then meander your way up by the building on the corner of the street on the right side. There’s a hidden sniper up above. Take him out before you proceed.
  12. After his skull decided that it was a good time to explode, head to the yellow marker by the statue to grab explosives. Plant one on the next marker across the street under the pile of sandbags.
  13. From here, you can sneak around an alleyway to the left of the explosive you just planted. Head down the path, grab the gear in the crate, then climb up the window. Grab the gold bar by the suitcase. Maneuver your way to the front door. Equip the Welrod and plant one in the enemy’s dome just outside the entrance.
  14. Notice the cafe next to the truck. There are two enemies having some casual time. You can navigate your way around across the street so you can line up their heads for a 2 for 1. When they’re gone, you can plant the second explosive on the grill of the truck. Afterward, head to the next marker, back the way you came. Enter the building, move through the wall past the fire, then head up the stairs. Shoot the enemy dozing off as you reach the top of the stairs.
  15. When you enter the next room, plant a trip mine by the door that leads outside. Back up, then use your binoculars to spot a sniper on the right side building’s rooftop, through the doorway. When the shot rings out, a soldier will head down and trip the mine. Keep moving up after the explosion.
  16. Grab some Springfield ammo, climb the shelf, then head up one more time to get cozy in your sniper nest as you wait for the scientist in the convoy. You’ll be presented with a cut-scene of the scientist in one of trucks riding with the convoy.
  17. If you want to make this a quick death, shoot the explosive on the grill of the truck next to the cafe. The scientist is in the third vehicle of the convoy behind the leading armored vehicle and another truck.
  18. You can also shoot the explosive right when the armored vehicle passes by the truck, to stop the convoy. From here the troops and scientist will emerge from the back of the trucks. You’ll need to shoot them all. In either case, when they’re all dead, a tank will appear with some foot soldiers. The camera will focus on the tank’s gas cylinders.
  19. Immediately take cover by backing up inside the room. Now you can shoot the gas cans behind the tank or, you can just shoot the first explosive you placed underneath the pile of sandbags.
  20. Since you still have the height advantage, kill as many enemies as you can from your perch. As you head down, watch out for the machine gunner on the second floor in the rounded corner of the building across the street. When you think it’s safe, head down to the corpse of the scientist. Two enemies will emerge before you reach the body. Take them out, then search the body.
  21. Once you’ve gathered everything, head to the exfil point to end the mission.

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Never heard a dumber story…


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Your an idiot. Just saying. This is the worst walk through I have ever read. Completely inaccurate.

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I disagree, but we’re always working to improve our guides. Some details might help the next gamer that comes along. Can you point out some specific instances you’re having trouble with?


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U must use a panzer to blow it away