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Mittelwerk Facility

  1. You begin the mission under the cover of night, under the shadow of a wooden tower to your left. If you wait a bit, you’ll hear an enemy present himself on the loudspeaker. When this happens, you’ll see an icon appear on the upper right of the screen. When the icon is present, you can mask your shot and the enemies won’t hear a thing.
  2. Take out the enemy in the tower next to you by masking your shot or by moving up the stairs and taking care of him quietly. When you reach the top, survey the field. Tag any enemies you see. Some will be patrolling near the train, one will be atop another tower on the right side, in the distance, and another is on guard in front of the gate. To make things a bit easier, take out the sniper in the tower on the far right.
  3. When you’ve taken care of the enemies quietly, head down toward the right side of the area along the dirt and rocks. There will be a pair of barracks, which you can enter. The one on the right has a guard smoking by the front entrance. There’s also a gold bar in a toilet for some reason. The left barrack has a gold bar where the bunk beds are.
  4. Head back to the right barrack. If you didn’t notice already, when you get close, you’ll see a rocket being tested along the cliffside. It’s another opportunity to mask your shot. Follow the path along the rocket and head up the second tower to grab another gold bar. Scope out the rest of the place. When all is clear, head toward the marker inside the rocket facility.
  5. When you head inside, the points that you need plant bombs will appear. Open the map (by pressing “M”) to get your bearings. The inside of the facility looks a bit like a ladder. There’s also another train inside on the left side, if you look at the map. Head through slowly and be as quiet as possible. If you do get spotted, it’s not too much of a big deal, since you can take out the enemies that come toward you, but you are here to be sneaky.
  6. Head for the closest point to plant one of the three bombs. As you head there, you’ll notice gears moving up above creating a lot of noise. Use this opportunity to take out any enemies in the vicinity without them zeroing in on your position.
  7. Use the rooms to hide as you head to the next two explosive points. When you’ve planted all three bombs, head back toward the train inside the facility to find the office. Open the map and you’ll see an area on the north side. Head up and you’ll enter a room where the rockets are being built. Although there aren’t any enemies in here.
  8. If you have trip mines, land mines or dynamite, plant them on the path in-between the rockets surrounded by platforms and stairs. You’ll be needing it. Head up to the office and a cut-scene will begin. Karl Fairburne will hear something about Wolff and Muller. Unfortunately as he’s listening in, a lone guard will spot Karl and call the enemy troops for support.
  9. Take cover by the window and snipe the shooting gallery. If you placed your land mines and trip mines, they will have probably gone off by now. There will be a lot of enemies, so poke your head out when you have a good shot.
  10. When they’ve been thinned out, make your way to the exit of the facility. You’ll see numerous explosions going off as you run through. When you make it outside, take out the sniper that’s perched inside the first tower you came across.
  11. Run up to the barbed gate and mount the machine gun on the right where the sandbags are. Two trucks will appear on the road that leads up. Take out as many enemies that get dropped off as you can. If some slip by, get off the machine gun, then pick off the stragglers.
  12. When all is clear, head up to the gate that leads outside of the facility to the next mission.

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Cpt. York

On May 1, 2012 at 5:01 am

Never heard a dumber story…


On January 22, 2013 at 12:49 am

Your an idiot. Just saying. This is the worst walk through I have ever read. Completely inaccurate.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On January 23, 2013 at 9:22 am


I disagree, but we’re always working to improve our guides. Some details might help the next gamer that comes along. Can you point out some specific instances you’re having trouble with?


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U must use a panzer to blow it away