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Kaiser-Friedrich Museum

  1. The level begins with you inside a ruined building overlooking a long stretch of road with a canal adjacent to it. Looking directly down the road, you’ll see a group of enemy troops on patrol. Directly below you is a narrow path that leads to the street. And the building directly in front of you contains a sniper prone on the rooftop.
  2. Also, if you inch out a bit and aim your binoculars to the right, there’s a building with statues on the rooftops. Look for the wooden planks along the top edge to find a second sniper. From here, you’ll need to choose which sniper to shoot first because after your shot rings out, you’ll need to take care of the second sniper along with the troops scrambling in the streets. Don’t worry about the narrow path, the enemies won’t be able to climb up.
  3. When everyone is down, drop down and head through the narrow path onto the street. Head for the yellow marker, where the group of troops used to be. Up ahead a group of two enemies will spawn. If you wait a bit, one of them will head through a door into a building next to the dead end. Before you follow their tracks, head into the building before the dead end. There’s a gold bar in one of the rooms.
  4. Head back out, then kill the lone trooper out on the street quietly. When he’s down, head through the building by the end of the road. Before you head down the stairs, check out this floor first. The second room on the right has a gold bar and the room next to the top of the stairs has a grenade stash.
  5. Walk down the stairs. In one of the rooms up ahead you’ll be able to see the shadows of two enemy troops. Wait for them to stop talking. They will separate. One will stay in the room, while the other will head out through the hole in the wall. Shoot the guy on the wall first, then head out into the alleyway to stalk the second trooper. Shoot him in the alleyway.
  6. Follow the alley until you reach a door. Before you head through, there is a closed ammo box next to the door. Behind it is a gold bar. Now head inside and walk up the stairs with your Welrod ready. You’ll hear coughing. There’s an enemy smoking by the window as you wind your way up. Shoot him in the face, then explore the room he was in to grab a gold bar.
  7. Walk up to the next level. As you reach the top, an enemy will walk past the doorway and look out the window. Shoot him too, then head into the room where he came from. There will be some ammo and a bed in this room. The room ahead of that contains three enemies. If you want, you can set traps, then lure them out, shoot them all, or what I like to do, is throw a grenade in there to get a 3 for 1. Either way, when they’re dead, head inside, grab more ammo, then access your new weapon, the Mosin Nagant 1891/31.
  8. When you have the gun, head back downstairs. Street level will now be open. As you emerge, you’ll see troops lined up down the road, saluting and marching in place. Look to your left to one of the buildings, and you’ll see a sniper on the top floor.
  9. I know, what you’re thinking. Can you get a 4 for 1 on the adjacent troops since they are perfectly lined up? I actually didn’t try it the first time through, but I’m pretty sure that you can. If you notice, the building where the sniper is, can be entered. Try to sneak in, then take out the sniper first. Navigate your way through the building, then grab a gold bar on the top floor. Eventually, there will be a hole in the wall right next to the lined up troops, where you should be able to get a 4 for 1. I didn’t realize this until later, so I ended up taking out enemies the regular way.
  10. Anyway, when the street patrols are dead, head out of the building, through a hole in the wall, where you overlook the water. Careful of the sniper off in the distance. When the sniper is dead, drop down the hole and follow the path to the bridge. Walk along the pipes and plant two charges on the bridge supports. When you’re done, keep following the pipes, across the water. Climb up the ledge, then head inside the museum.
  11. You’ll see two enemies up ahead. Take them out silently. A third enemy will be patrolling close. He’ll probably see the body of the enemy you took out by the archway. It will lure him in. Take him out as well. Move along slowly inside the museum to the yellow marker. There will be two more troops patrolling the area.
  12. Now I tried to get through this stealthily, but for some reason, a group of enemies spawn and the music kicked up. I had to take out a bunch of troops on my way to the vantage point on top of the museum. Take them out on your way up. When you reach the top of the flight of stairs, the enemies here won’t know what went down downstairs. You see two enemies up ahead. One leaning along the wall and the other trying break the planks through a hole in the wall. Take them out using the Welrod with two well placed shots.
  13. Keep moving down the hallway. Take out the lone guard right before the wooden platforms. Climb the platforms to reach the vantage point. There will be stash of ammo here. Now it’s time to blow up the bridge. Go prone on the wooden planks and aim for the charges you set. Wait until all three tanks are on the bridge, then let out a shot on one of the charges. Both will explode. You’ll see the bridge get demolished in spectacular fashion.
  14. Stay here on the vantage point. Enemies will be shooting at you from across the canal. Take them out, but the Russian tank will be your biggest problem. To take out the tank, shoot the red gas lid. After its been destroyed, head back to the platforms inside the building. Wait a bit on top to take out the two enemies that will emerge from the hallway.
  15. When you drop down to reach the hallway again, you’ll see the wooden planks barring the hole on the side of the wall, gone. There are wooden platforms that lead you down to the street for exfiltration. Stay here inside the building for a bit to survey the field ahead.
  16. Looking out to the right, you’ll see a building with advertisements colored in yellow a green. There’s a sniper on the rooftop corner. Take him out, then aim for the enemies that will spawn on the street ahead after you take your shot. When all is clear for now, head down the wooden platforms onto street level.
  17. Move up to the sandbags and take out the enemies that spawn. When they’re gone, head through the ruined buildings. When you reach the truck, another group will spawn. Take them out as they come. Two of them will mount machine guns. There will also be a sniper on the rooftops down the road. Look for the building with the windows framed by bricks.
  18. When the sniper is dead, move toward the yellow marker. You’ll see an AA gun on the right. The building right next to the AA gun houses two snipers. They’ll be hidden in shadow through the windows. Across that building is a ruined building that you can enter which comes with a second floor. From here you can take them out in relative safety since there’s a lot more cover to use. When both snipers are dead, move toward the yellow marker to end the mission.

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Never heard a dumber story…


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Your an idiot. Just saying. This is the worst walk through I have ever read. Completely inaccurate.

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U must use a panzer to blow it away